What to drink to calm the nerves: 7 drinks to try

While it might be tempting to grab that cocktail or glass of wine to wind down after a long day, it can quickly backfire.

“Alcohol is a nervous system depressant, but it can actually cause anxiety and low mood rather than improve them, despite initially perceived stress relief,” says Dani Gordon, MD, a dual certified British doctor and author of The CBD Bible.

At the microscopic level, alcohol consumption stimulates the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. “Essentially, alcohol is able to activate the nerves and induce a fight or flight response, which is the exact opposite of being calm and relaxed,” Rose explains.

And while it’s true that drinking alcohol before bed can make you sleepy, it won’t give you those restorative zzz’s we all need to feel better.

Harry says: “Alcohol acts on GABA receptors (these are neurotransmitters that our bodies naturally release to help us relax) and initially produce a feeling of calm, but studies and experience indicate that alcohol can disrupt sleep patterns, leading to less refreshment. sleep and frequent awakenings during the night.”

Moral of the story: While drinking alcohol may help ease the nerves in the moment, it won’t do you any favors for long-term stress management and building resilience.

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