Vaani Kapoor enjoys a delicious Asian spread and reveals her favorite dishes

While there’s no doubt that Vaani Kapoor has managed to win the hearts of many with her acting, did you know that she’s also a foodie like you?! The actress makes a point of indulging in delicious meals from time to time. Whether it’s a well-stocked pizza, drool-worthy ice cream, or even noodles, it seems that Vaani Kapoor is a big foodie! Don’t believe us? Well, if you follow her on social media, you’ll often find her sharing pictures and stories about the food she eats. And believe us, every morsel of this food will make you drool! Recently, Vaani shared her indulgence and even revealed her favorite dishes during an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) Instagram session.

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Taking to Instagram, Vaani shared a photo of an Asian meal she was enjoying. On his table was a plate of fried rice, sautéed peas, avocado, cabbage and what appeared to be a chili tofu concoction. In the story, she wrote “Bon appétit”. Check out his full story here:

Vaani also held an AMA Instagram session, where she interacted with her fans and followers. As people asked her various questions, one of them asked her what her favorite dish was. To this, she replied: “Fries, burgers, pancakes, sushi, Indians and Chinese Indians”.


Then another person also asked her what her favorite chocolate was. Vaani responded by saying, “Obsessed on vegan dark chocolate with berries, nuts & rose petals by @cinnamonkitchenindia.”


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Recently, she also revealed that she has gone vegan. “Eat lettuce, bon appetit,” Vaani Kapoor wrote on her Instagram image. We saw her eat a delicious salad with tomatoes, lettuce, rocket leaves, zucchini and black olives. Her friend, designer Nikhil Thampi, volunteered to take her to eat butter chicken in the comments. Vaani Kapoor replied with the following message, “Nikhil!!! Gave up on meat. But see you soon.” You can read all about this topic here.

On the labor front, Vaani Kapoor was last seen in Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui. In 2022, we will see her in Shamshera.

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