Try these urban cardio dance workouts to burn calories


I consider myself a YouTube workout connoisseur. When I try out a new routine, the first place I go is the YouTube comments section. People are getting really honest there. When a workout is good you can tell how excited and passionate the commentators get.

While I was looking for new cardio workouts, these Urrbanize dance routines caught my eye for exactly that reason. A commentator said dance teacher Tanju K. ‘Saved my sanity’ during pandemic lockdowns, another person said she did her workouts ‘over and over again’, and almost everyone praised her smile, choice of music and joy ” contagious ”. With those kinds of reviews, I had to click play, and it didn’t take long for me to figure out the hype.

First, there’s the music: super catchy pop remixes that you can’t help but dance to, from Spice Girls to Steve Aoki to ABBA, and they just get better as time goes by. training continues. Then there are the moves, which are fun and energetic but still fairly straightforward for beginners. Tanju K. himself has a mega charisma; Even though he lets the music do the talking during training (keep an eye on the screen as you dance, because there are no vocal cues!), his positive energy radiates through the screen. We feel that he is having fun and it makes you want to participate!

Check out the workouts to experience his charismatic energy for yourself. (The second part is above and the first is below, but you can do them in any order.) You don’t need any equipment, just the willingness to sweat and burn up to 500 calories!

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