Top 7 Foods to Try in Singapore

Singapore is not called Instant Asia just because of the ethnicities residing there, but because it instantly gives the tourist a glimpse into the vast culture and tradition of Asia. Their geographical location makes it an ideal place for all neighboring ethnicities to blend together and create something beautiful and impressive.

You will see Chinese, Indonesians, Indians, Malays and many Westerners there.

The food in Singapore is a mix of its heritage and all of these incredibly diverse people and their heritage. Here, you’ll find influences from all of these countries in the food served in food courts, hawker centers and cafes.

The richness of colors and flavors will surely take you on a rewarding gastronomic journey. Here are our top picks for the food you must try when visiting Instant Asia:

1. Hokkien Prawn Mee

Hokkien Prawn Mee is a dish that is a seafood lover’s dream. Packed with rice shrimp broth, fried pork, fish cake, rice noodles and squid, it’s sure to pack a punch. punch for you.

This dish is now a delight; however, he comes from a humble background. It was eaten by Hokkien factory workers after the war. They used to fry the extra noodles and eat them as a complete meal.

This dish later evolved into Hokkien Prawn Mee after incorporating seafood and is very popular in Singapore. For more details on this and other similar dishes, you should hop on a search engine and search for “Singapore food blog.” They will share their personal experience with each dish, and you can better identify if you want to try it.

2. Bak Kut The

Bat Kut Teh, which is meat tea or pork rib soup, is one of the oldest dishes served in Singapore. He is of Singaporean descent and has several different stories of how he was invented.

A famous story goes that a beggar asked for food at a roadside pork noodle shop. The store owner suffered from poverty but wanted to help this hungry beggar. He took out a few remaining pork bones and added the spices he had left. The story goes that it was pepper and star anise. This is how a tea-colored soup was born and named pig bone tea.

The dish has been around for a long time and people still enjoy it. If you want a taste of the real Singaporean deal, you have to try Bat Kut Teh.

Today, a few herbs are combined with the traditional ingredients to add a bit more flavor.

3. Nasi Biryani

If you are a cooking enthusiast, it is impossible for you not to know what a Biryani is. It is a South Asian mixed rice dish made with basmati rice. It contains saffron, chili pepper, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, bay leaves, garam masala, etc. Biryani has a distinct yellow-orange color and a heady aroma. It is popular with South Asians in Singapore and can be a bit spicy.

You can choose if you wish in chicken, mutton, beef or fish. Additionally, many vegetarian versions of the traditional Indo-Muslim dish are also emerging for vegetarians and vegans.

Be sure to try it on your next trip to Singapore.

4. Dim Sum or Dian Xin

Dim Sum is a Shanghai/Hong Kong inspired cuisine popular in Singapore. This is an entire platter of a set of small dishes served together. They can be enjoyed together and reflect the Chinese collectivist tradition.

A Dim Sum usually includes Siew Mai, Xiao Long Bao, Cheong Fun, etc.

Also, if you are a Muslim struggling to find what to eat in Singapore, look no further than Dim Sum, as it is Halal certified. Many Muslims in the area also own Dim Sum houses.

5. Chilli or Pepper Crabs

Crabs are a delicacy in Singapore and are often eaten by tourists. The two styles of cooking sauces they adopt are traditional chili tomato sauce and black pepper sauce. Both are eaten with rolls (mantous) dipped in sauce.

Other cooking methods are also used lately, such as salted egg crabs and bee hoon crab.

It is cooked in such a way as to retain its crispness and the meat is well cooked. So it’s a two-step process. First, the crabs are boiled so that the meat is well softened. Second, it’s fried so it doesn’t stick to the shell.

6. Nasi Lemak

If you go to Singapore and don’t have the Nasi Lemak, you are seriously missing out. It is one of Singapore’s most versatile dishes and is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can have it anytime. It was originally a breakfast item; however, it became so popular that people wanted to have it all the time.

It is a Malaysian dish and was traditionally wrapped in banana leaves. However, Singapore is a diverse country, so we see many variations of the dish.

Santan infused rice is steamed with coconut cream, which gives it a sweet fragrance. It contains fried anchovies, eggs, peanuts and chili paste. This chili paste, often called sambal, determines whether a Nasi Lemak is good or not.

7. Tau Huay

Tau Huay is the dream dessert for gourmets. It is made with curd tofu and sugar syrup. It can be eaten with rice balls and various jellies. You can have it hot or cold depending on your preference.

Due to the flexibility of this dessert, it can be incorporated into different flavors. The texture of the dessert is smooth and very popular with locals.


Now you know what to try when you travel to Singapore. These dishes are most popular among locals and tourists visiting Singapore. They are readily available and must be tried if you want to explore a new set of flavors.

I hope you enjoyed the article and have already decided what to try when visiting Singapore.

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