Top 5 Health Benefits of Lighting Incense Sticks (Agarbatti) | Health

The surrounding elements are always brought into harmony by nature. Many people seek harmony with the supreme force and the natural world, even in today’s hectic modern existence. Scented incense sticks help unify your soul and nature in addition to creating a peaceful environment during prayer. In order to improve the mood and calm the spirit, incense sticks are lit in the rooms. They stimulate your senses and calm your body, reducing your level of anxiety. They also have the ability to purify the air. Natural incense sticks are a modest product that can be used for various purposes besides religion. Always keep in mind that a high quality incense stick will release more aroma than smoke. Therefore, one must be sure to purchase high quality incense sticks. (Also read: Surprising Health Benefits of Olives )

Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Ankit Agrawal, Manager of Mysore Deep Perfumery House, shared some of the benefits of incense sticks that help unify the mind, body and soul:

  • Increased focus: The sweet scent helps you increase the power of concentration by releasing stress from your mind and decreasing all distractions that cloud your thoughts.
  • Good vibes: Incense sticks can calm you down and bring positive vibes that will boost your creativity.
  • Good sleep: Regular use of incense sticks can help people regain their normal sleep desires and break the shackles of insomnia. In this fast-paced world where we are stuck in the web of busy schedules and jobs, having a peaceful aura in your home is very necessary. The Rose, Jasmine fragrance can help you sleep well.
  • Purify the space: The scent of incense fills your home with this high vibration, clearing the space of negativity and shielding the area from lower energies, giving your family an atmosphere of well-being. Camphor scented incense sticks (Kapoor) can fill the environment with positive energy to purify your surroundings.
  • Great Yoga Partner: Incense sticks can be a great partner with yoga workouts and relaxing spa therapies. One can align one’s soul and senses with incense sticks like cinnamon and rosewood, among others.
  • Aromatherapy: Incense sticks infused with aromatherapy essential oils like geranium and lavender are based on the fact that aromatic substances can be used for healing and medicinal purposes. Smell signals our limbic system in the brain which is responsible for emotional and hormonal regulation. Different smells trigger different responses.

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