These 5 Foods Increase Natural Insulin In The Body, Will Keep Blood Sugar Level In Control, Start Eating Without Delay

The proteins you consume through digestion are broken down into amino acids, which play many important roles in your body. Certain amino acids, including those from protein, cause pancreatic cells to produce and release more insulin. Although it is good to eat protein from different sources. Some research suggests that plant proteins are beneficial for increasing natural insulin levels. Plant proteins come from many sources, including beans, lentils, peas, nuts, and tofu.

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A variety of problems can arise due to a malfunctioning pancreas, the most common being diabetes. However, certain foods promote the production of insulin by pancreatic beta cells and help reduce diabetes. Red cabbage is a boon for diabetic patients. Red cabbage helps lower blood sugar levels and increases insulin.

These foods act like natural insulin in the body. These foods act like natural insulin in the body

1) lady finger

Bhindi rich in dietary fiber helps stabilize blood sugar levels and helps increase insulin production as well as its increased secretion. Additionally, their seeds are packed with alpha-glucosidase inhibitors that prevent the conversion of starch to glucose. You can cut the okra pods and soak them in water overnight and consume the water the next day.

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2) Bitter Gourd

The taste of bitter gourd can be quite bitter but it has the ability to stimulate the pancreas. It contains ingredients like charantin, vicin and a polypeptide-P. Some ways to consume it are bitter gourd tea, juice or curry. Natural insulin secretion can be activated by mixing 1 tablespoon of amla juice in a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice.

3) Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek is widely used, but it is the seed that contains trigonellin, which is known to lower blood sugar levels. These can be used in many forms – like powdered fenugreek seeds soaked in lukewarm water, soaked overnight and sprouted seeds can be added to salads or idli/dosa batter to lower your rate blood sugar. East.

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4) Curcumin

Turmeric extract is known to act directly on pancreatic beta cells to help increase insulin in general, by inhibiting phosphodiesterase activity.

5) Cinnamon

This bitter spice not only makes cells sensitive to insulin, but also acts similar to the natural insulin produced by our pancreas. Add some cinnamon to your food, tea.

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