The best hybrid foods to try at home

I love good hybrid food. Combinations of favorite things that sound awfully good Where terribly bad … but you won’t know the result until you taste them.

In my experience, most hybrids are a lot of fun to try out at least once, they’re often epic and decadent, and they certainly make for a good discussion.

Here are some of my favorites to try …


This is a croissant crossed with a muffin or donut, which simply means baked puff pastry in the shape of a muffin or donut instead of a typical croissant shape. Lots of cafes sell them and they are delicious.

If you want to try making them yourself at home, here’s how the cheat version is done.

Defrost a ready-made sheet of puff pastry and butter it with a layer of butter. Sprinkle it with lots of cinnamon sugar. Roll it neatly from edge to edge with the cinnamon inside, then cut it lengthwise to expose the middle.

Cruffins ready for the oven (Jane de Graaff)

Then, wrap each half into a spiral exposing the inner layers. Place the rounds in a greased muffin pan and bake at 180 ° C for 30 minutes, or until puffed and golden. Remove from pan and roll in additional cinnamon sugar. So good!

Cheat's cruffins are so much fun
Cheat’s cruffins are so much fun (Jane de Graaff)


It’s so much fun – and it is one for pie lovers.

Get everything you love about a burger: mini burger patties, pickles, cheese slices, tomato sauce and a brioche bun.

Cook the patties in a pan. When you’re ready, place all the pieces (like you would a cheeseburger) in the pie pan, then close the lid and cook until the burger is golden brown. It closes and becomes a cheeseburger pie. Impressive!

Pie maker cheeseburger madness
Crazy cheeseburger pie maker (provided)

RECIPE: Cheeseburger pie in the pie maker


The schnittza is the latest version of Pizza Hut – yeah, a schnitty crossed with a pizza – and that’s what we’re here for. Right now the schnitzza costs $ 15 for pickup and $ 18 for delivery or $ 10.00 with the discount code hidden in the virtual “Schnittza Hut” and the discount code is valid until December 15th. 2021. So what parts of what make up the hybrid?
Well, the basis of the pizza is a chicken cutlet and the rest is any pizza topping you can imagine.

The Pizza Hut Schnitzza is here!
The Pizza Hut Schnitzza is here! (Provided)


The easiest, most hilarious way to improve your Potato Rosti. Next time you want a hashbrown or rosti, thaw your gem potatoes, line them up in the waffle iron, and crack yourself a gem potato waffle! It’s fantastic. Serve it for breakfast with bacon and eggs, or make it for dinner with crispy bacon … whatever you like.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

RECIPE: Potato waffles


Another variation of a good burger is the donut or the waffle burger. It’s as easy as getting all your favorite burger ingredients and swapping the hamburger buns for frozen or cinnamon donuts, or a really good waffle.

You can fill the middle with your usual beef patty or a piece of fried chicken or whatever you like in your burgers.

It sounds intense – and it is – but it’s also a luxury overload for the senses worth doing at least once. The salt-sweet combination is breathtaking.

Donut burgers are fun for Father's Day
Donut burgers are fun for Father’s Day (provided)

RECIPE: Mashed Potato and Cheese Fritters

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