The Best Alcoholic Drinks for Brunch in Portland


Sometimes morning coffee alone won’t be enough. Weekends only brunch at Hello my love (920 E Burnside St), each drink brings something different to the tropical party. An enriched mimosa called Drink Your Juice, Shelby! layers of passion fruit and grapefruit juice with a serious punch of gin, pear brandy and Lillet Blanc. A twist on Spanish coffee, the Afternoon Delight swaps the edge of burnt sugar for an edge of cinnamon sugar, amped up with the rum-infused Cinnamon Toast Crunch and chunks of cereal scattered on a cool float of heavy cream.

Meanwhile, the newcomer Flattop & Salamander (1401 SE Morrison St #117) offers a boozy brunch seven days a week as well as dishes like homemade corned beef hash. We opt for the flamboyant Spanish coffee, made with Heart beans, bold 151 rum, triple sec and a beautifully caramelized rim, or the Uncumbered, a refreshing tequila-based concoction with green chartreuse, cucumber and cava. .

Whereas EmbroiderMany places love the creamy lost eggs and spherical pancakes, the drinks are equally appealing. Aquavit is the liqueur of choice, making its way into Swedish kaffe, along with Water Avenue and Kahlúa coffee, topped with a cloud of whipped cream. Or choose between the dill aquavit or vodka in the Danish Mary – we obviously opt for the former – a visibly dill-laden, refreshing and tomato homemade Bloody Mary mix topped with a rainbow of veggies house pickled.

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