Texas-based hot sauce company Yellowbird Foods launches new sauce featured on YouTube “Hot Ones”

Yellowbird Foods of Austin, Texas has launched a new spicy wing sauce called Bliss & Vinegar, which was featured on Season 16 of the viral YouTube show, “The hot ones.

“Hot Ones” is hosted by Sean Evans, who interviews celebrities as they eat wings that get progressively hotter.

In 2021, celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel, Megan Thee Stallion and Tom Holland tasted the new Bliss & Vinegar hot sauce – it was the second in a range of 10 different spicy condiments in episodes.

The new hot sauce is available at 246 HEB grocery stores, on the menu at every Pluckers Wing Bar and on Yellowbird’s website with shipping to all 50 states. 13-ounce bottles sell for $6.29 each.

Yellowbird was founded by George Milton and Erin Link in 2012 after later committing to a healthier lifestyle. At the time, they couldn’t seem to find their own condiments, so they decided to create their own.

The duo began by sharing their homemade spicy inventions with friends at dinner parties, farmers markets, local restaurants and grocery stores. After nearly a decade in operation, Yellowbird was asked to create the custom Bliss & Vinegar sauce for Season 16 of “Hot Ones.”

“I really like making hot sauce out of unexpected ingredients,” Milton said. “Bliss & Vinegar was so fun to create because, for me, it was about balancing mouth response between ‘damn weird’ and ‘damn delicious.’

The hot sauces made by the Austin-based company are loaded with whole fruits and vegetables that help create complex flavor profiles and their signature thick, smooth consistency. In the limited-edition Bliss & Vinegar Sauce, organic red serrano chiles, onions, ginger and distilled vinegar are balanced with strawberries, dates, coconut cream and a hint of cinnamon.

“The name ‘Bliss & Vinegar’ is a play on the well-known phrase ‘full of piss and vinegar,'” Link said. “We wanted its name to embody the full taste experience, and Bliss & Vinegar does just that.”

So what do you think, can you handle the heat? To help put the heat level into perspective, Bliss & Vinegar sits at 66,200 Scoville heat units, according to the Yellow Bird Websitewhich puts it in the same heat range as cayenne pepper.

Yellowbird Foods launches new Bliss & Vinegar hot sauce.
Yellowbird Foods launches new Bliss & Vinegar hot sauce.(Yellowbird Foods)

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