Starbucks cold coffee drinks that bring the flavor, not the extra calories

From morning coffee rush to afternoon pickup, cold coffee drinks from Starbucks quench that thirst. But no one wants to overdo a few sips. Fortunately, these five cold coffee drinks are full of flavor, not the extra calories.

Sometimes the conversation about Starbucks drinks is less about innovation than about calorie count. While everyone is entitled to a moment of indulgence, the reality is that sometimes a more balanced drink coincides with other lifestyle choices. While no one is saying these special sips should be taken off the menu, the conversation changes to understand that sometimes and every day can have different approaches.

In recent company action, these five Starbucks cold drinks show calorie-conscious options are on the menu. More importantly, each of the suggestions can be personalized in various ways. This shows that there are certain foods and drinks that shouldn’t be completely ignored with balanced food choices. Instead, people find ways to satisfy a craving without going too far to the extreme.

Here are five Starbucks cold coffee drinks that contain less than 150 calories.

Iced Caffe Latte, available to be personalized with sugar-free vanilla syrup

With 130 calories, the Iced Caffe Latte with 2% milk has a touch of sweetness but not too indulgent. While changing the milk option does impact the calorie count, this option shows that the flavors of a vanilla latte don’t have to be a huge dollop of sugar.

As some people have suggested, phasing out higher calorie options is an easier way to change eating habits. Instead of just switching from gourmet coffee to black coffee, the little changes can make it more manageable. And, some people might prefer the modification to the original.

Chilled Brown Sugar Oat Milk Espresso

When that cookie craving hits, it can be hard to resist. This Starbucks drink brings the flavors of brown sugar and cinnamon but without the crumbs. At just 120 calories, that’s less than the calorie count of many cookies, but it’s a tasty sip that could be the perfect afternoon treat.

From Starbucks Blonde Espresso, the coffee flavor is mild and allows the cinnamon and brown sugar to pass through without overpowering it. In addition, this drink could be a way to learn to enjoy oat milk. Sometimes it’s all about finding the right drink to make that herbal change.

Starbucks cold coffee drinks under 150 calories, photo provided by Starbucks

Espresso Iced Chocolate Almond Milk Frappé

There have been situations where some people compare a coffee drink to an indulgent dessert. With the Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso there is a nod to the milkshake due to the malt flavors. There might not be a blender, but the creamy sip is a bit forgiving.

At just 110 calories, the combination of cocoa, coffee and almond milk is delicious for these balanced drink choices. Even though the temperatures are high, such a cool sip can be enjoyed regardless of the weather.

Cold Brew served with cold vanilla sweet cream mousse

Many coffee drinkers have come to appreciate the flavor of the cold brew. The sweet and never bitter taste doesn’t need a lot of extras to make it tasty. While many people have come to enjoy the cold brew on its own, a few tweaks can make it a more robust experience.

Starbucks suggests garnishing the Cold Brew with cold vanilla sweet cream mousse. Although there were different types of cold brew on the menu, this dollop of sweetness is a nice customization to add a splash of flavor, yet not overpower the cold brew flavor. With just 70 calories, this can be a treat to start the day.

Nitro cold brew

Plain black coffee has long been a popular low-calorie choice. But, some people don’t choose this drink because they want a milder taste. With the Nitro Cold Brew, the infusion of nitrogen allows for a seductive sip. A little sweet, but perfectly smooth, this coffee is worth a try and it could become a new favorite. In addition, the 5 calories are really negligible.

Which Starbucks cold coffee drinks have you personalized to fit your balanced lifestyle? Has your coffee routine changed over the years?

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