Staple foods to become more expensive

“Consumer demand for meat and poultry products has never been higher,” Julie Anna Potts, president and CEO of the Meat Institute, said in a December press release. “Members of the Meat Institute are producing more meat than ever before under extraordinary circumstances to keep our agricultural economy moving and to put food on American tables.”


Chicken prices have also increased during the pandemic, but not as much as steak.

In a December 2021 press release, National Chicken Council Chairman Mike Brown explained the reason for the increase in the price of chicken. “A 9% increase in the price of chicken year-on-year barely outpaces inflation…on top of a labor shortage,” he said. “It’s Economics 101.”

When you add trucker shortages and shipping delays, wrote Eat This, Not That, it’s a safe bet that chicken prices will continue to rise.


The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Kraft Heinz Co. is set to tell “customers that it will raise prices on many of its products…some items increasing by as much as 20 percent.” Shoppers should be prepared, as the price of mayonnaise is expected to change very soon, Eat This, Not That wrote.


In November, CNN reported that egg prices were up 11.6% from a year earlier.

“We have chosen to increase our prices for the time being. We recognize that this is a difficult time for everyone and higher grocery bills can only contribute to that…,” organic egg company Pete and Gerry’s said in addressing its price increase. “In the world of eggs, the cost of high quality organic ingredients for complementary feeding of our hens has reached an all time high.”

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