Sneaky foods that dry out your lips

It’s not uncommon to feel a burning sensation after eating hot peppers, wasabi, or salsa. Generally, spicy foods irritate and dry out the lips, according to Mohs Dermatology and Surgery Center. Salty foods, such as potato chips, deli meats, and smoked fish, have similar effects. Although there is not enough evidence for this, researchers believe that salty and spicy foods can indirectly dry out the lips. These products increase thirst, causing you to lick your lips more often than usual. “The salivary glands contain digestive enzymes that could irritate the lips, while the moisture that evaporates from saliva exacerbates this,” dermatologist Evan Rieder said. men’s health.

The United Kingdom National Health Service also recommends reducing acidic foods. Lemons, oranges, processed meats, dairy products, tomatoes and other acidic foods can irritate the mouth and lips, causing painful lesions. The same goes for the aroma of cinnamon, which has an irritating effect on the soft tissues of your mouth.

As mentioned earlier, dehydration can make the problem worse – and it’s one of the many reasons why you should drink plenty of water. But also be sure to reduce dehydration from foods and beverages, including deli meats, french fries, pretzels, fried meat products, sodas, coffee, and alcohol. Sweet desserts also fall into this category, note Good + Good. Coffee, for example, increases urine production due to its diuretic effects, explains a 2016 review published in Medicine Sciences via the National Library of Medicine.

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