Redditch’s Steamhouse Bakery offers an 8,000-calorie, 3-pound cinnamon roll – and it’s free if you can eat it


Think of pastries as a light snack? Think again with this oversized cinnamon bun sold at Redditch containing over three days of calories.

Steamhouse Bakery in Springside, Redditch sells the massive Cinnamon Roll to go for £ 20 – or you can have it for free if you can eat it all there within 10 minutes in a special food challenge.

Made to order by a team of six bakers, the roll weighs 1.5kg, is 42cm long, and contains 8,000 calories from its ingredients of butter, flour, cinnamon paste and a homemade frosting. hand.

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Even though described as a “monster” by the baker who created it, this humongous bun was surprisingly gobbled up in just 9 minutes and 30 seconds by competitive Redditch eater Leah Shutkever.

The owner of Steamhouse’s Bakery – aptly named Ashley Baker – said the bun was a special request from locals.

Leah, who has 23 official world record titles for competitive feeding

and has a YouTube channel The Shuts REAL GirlVs.Food.

“He really is a huge cinnamon monster,” Ashley said with a laugh. “Leah has the first client to tackle it and has successfully completed the 10 minute challenge.

The gigantic cinnamon roll seen from above.

It’s amazing to see Leah in action. She’s crazy. Leah lives in Redditch and comes to the bakery all the time as a local customer, so it was great working with her on something so big.

“Since then, we have received a lot of requests from others to do this.”

“You don’t have to eat it all in 10 minutes because we take the orders so people can take it home and enjoy it as they please.

“It really is a monstrosity though!”

Steamhouse Bakery in Springside, Redditch
Steamhouse Bakery in Springside, Redditch

Those who complete the food challenge have 10 minutes to eat the whole cinnamon roll or pay a flat fee of £ 20.

Those who manage to eat every crumb on time, get it for free with a special price of a Steamhouse t-shirt.

The roll is sold for £ 20 to everyday customers, but the bakery needs 48 hours’ notice to prepare it before it’s ready to be collected.

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Ashley started the Steamhouse business in 2016 by selling handmade bagels at Leamington Spa.

It then expanded to Redditch in Worcestershire with the main bakery.

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