New Maine Food Truck to Serve Familiar Fair Trade Foods Year-Round

For many who live and visit Maine, the beautiful season is the best season. There are plenty of reasons to love Maine’s agricultural fairs, from animals to events to the food fair. This fair food has become part of the attraction of several fairs, including Maine’s largest, the Freiburg Fair. So if people are flocking to fairs across the state for these familiar items, why not bring fair food to people? A new food truck plans to do just that.

Instagram via Char Wrig Sno and Dough

Instagram via Char Wrig Sno and Dough

it will be called Char Wrig’s Sno and Paste. Based strictly on the name of the truck, you can probably tell what will be featured on the menu. First and foremost, it will be Maine’s old favorite, fried dough. Char Wrig’s will serve the classic version, topped with hot butter and cinnamon sugar. They will also offer you a chance to kick your fried dough up a few notches. Some of the additional toppings include hot cinnamon apples, maple syrup, hot cherries, hot blueberries, or chocolate sauce.

It’s not all about the dough, however. There is also sno. Sno cones to be exact. Char Wrig’s plans to offer your favorite fairground’s classic shaved ice treat, flavored with blue raspberry, cherry, orange, or lemon-lime.

Instagram via Char Wrig Sno and Dough

Instagram via Char Wrig Sno and Dough

Char Wrig’s is planning its schedule for the busy summer months of 2022. If you can’t make it to one of Maine’s top agricultural fairs, part of the fair might be coming to you.

Maine Agricultural Fair Dates 2022

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, Maine’s fairground season is right around the corner. According to Maine Fairs website, here are the proposed dates for some of Maine’s biggest fairs.

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