Need to reduce your coffee consumption? Here are 5 other drinks that can help you wake up in the morning

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We understand you. Sometimes it’s impossible to get up in the morning and focus on your work without feeling sleepy. Coffee can help you with that. But too much coffee can also have its risks. Insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, tremors, rapid heart rate and much more. Boy, the amount of caffeine in coffee is like an innocent drug!

So if you need to cut back on the amount of coffee in your life, or generally dislike the taste of coffee, you need alternatives.

Here are some of the drinks you can choose from if a cup of coffee isn’t your cup of tea.

1. Kombucha

Kombucha is a beverage made from tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast fermented for a period of time. It is widely taken for its gut health benefits due to the good bacteria found in it, the probiotics.

Coffee can sometimes irritate the stomach lining when consumed on an empty stomach, so drinking kombucha in the morning can naturally balance your gut and improve digestion.

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It is also packed with other health benefits such as reducing body fat, increasing body metabolism, rehydrating your body and refreshing your mood.

Plus, the amount of caffeine in kombucha is lower than coffee, which can solve your “keep me up late at night” problem. problem.

2. Hot lemon water

Hot lemon water claims to give an energy boost and can help you to concentrate in the morning.

The potassium in lemons helps with brain and nerve function, which increases your alertness. In addition, the scent of lemon helps clear the mind, reduce feelings of stress and improve our mood.

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They also have other great health benefits such as strengthening the immune system, improving skin and body hydration, providing fresh breath, preventing kidney stones and guiding weight loss.

3. Black tea

Black tea or red tea is a type of tea entirely oxide tea made from the leaves of a plant called Camellia Sinensis. The leaves are exposed to moist, oxygen-rich air which turns the leaves from green to a dark brown-black color.

Black tea contains both caffeine and an amino acid called L-theanine, which improves alertness and concentration. Studies have shown that drinks containing these two elements have the greatest impact on concentration due to the effects of L-theanine on the brain (enhances cognitive processing).

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L-theanine works by making our body slowly absorb the caffeine, resulting in a longer period of energy without causing the crash or jitters of caffeine. Moreover, it also leads to increased focus and mood while reducing stress.

4. Green tea and matcha

Green tea, on the other hand, comes from the same plant as black tea but is little oxidized. Green tea here refers to processed tea leaves (in tea bags or sachets) that need to be steeped in hot water.

Matcha, another variant of green tea, is usually found in powdered form and traditionally needs to be stirred with a bamboo whisk.

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Green tea contains about half the caffeine of black tea and a quarter of the caffeine of coffee. Matcha, on the contrary, contains slightly more caffeine than green tea (about half a cup of coffee). This is because when soaking, not all healthy nutrients and compounds are present. broadcast in water. In matcha, however, the person consumes the whole leaves (powdered leaves) themselves.

These two drinks have the same amino acid like black tea which can help you be energized and alert without feeling anxious jitters. Among all types of teagreen tea contains the highest amount of L-theanine and within the green tea category, Matcha is known to have the highest concentrations.

5. Masala Chai

masala chai is a type of black tea that is blended with milk along with a robust blend of spices and herbs, famous in India. They usually contain spices like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper, cloves, and other similar ingredients (they may vary). So if the intense flavors don’t wake you up in the morning, we don’t know what will.

You can decrease your caffeine intake with this aromatic drink as it also increases your energy and vigilance thanks to the black tea it contains.

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Apart from that, because this tea is a mixture of wonderful spices, chai masala may also improve heart health, lower blood sugar, reduce nausea, improve digestion, and may even help you lose weight!

However, since there is caffeine present in these drinks, it brings us back to the same old problem, the risks of caffeine.

But their content is significantly lower than that of coffee. This means that you can generally replace one coffee drink with two teas for the same amount of caffeine (this differs depending on the drink).

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Overall, everything should be taken in moderation. Too much of anything can harm your health. And that includes caffeine.

Whether you don’t like coffee or need to cut back, try these alternatives. Have you ever tasted it?

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