Jared Haibon Reveals Singles-Themed Drinks Sold At His Cafe

Bachelor In Paradise star Jared Haibon has revealed the Bachelor-themed drinks that are sold at his wife Ashley’s Rhode Island cafe, Audrey’s.

Bachelor in Paradise Star Jared Haibon has revealed the names of the Bachelor themed drinks being sold at Audrey’s Coffee House and Lounge, the cafe he and his wife, Ashley Iaconetti, opened in South Kingstown, Rhode Island in December. Ashley was a contestant on Chris Soules’ season The single person in 2015, when Jared appeared in Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season the bachelorette later this year. They met that summer Bachelor in Paradise season 2, and had a long romantic journey that eventually led to them getting married in 2019. They are expecting a baby boy in February.

Jared had always dreamed of opening his own restaurant after working in the hospitality industry for 12 years. The cafe is named after Ashley’s mother and is described as a cafe by day and a wine bar by night. The menu consists of charcuterie boards, hummus and garlic naan, baked Ritz macaroni and cheese, and other delicious dishes. Jared and Ashley wanted to include many touches that would recognize the importance of the Bachelor franchise in their lives. The shop serves coffee from Generous Coffee Co., the coffee brand developed by Bachelor Nation fan favorite Ben Higgins. The cafe’s logo substitutes a rose for Audrey’s apostrophe. A wooden sign above a fireplace reads, “Monday nights we drink wine and watch The Bachelor. Tuesday mornings we drink coffee and recap.” The restaurant also organizes watch parties for The single person.


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In an interview with single nation, Jared revealed the bachelor themed drinks that customers can order at the cafe. He shared, “Bachelor Nation has been such an important part of our lives. Ashley and I are not only so grateful and grateful for everything the franchise has done for us, but the franchise is truly a part of our family and our history. I I hear a lot of times, some people who come from Bachelor shows and say they don’t want to be known for being on the show they want to be known for something else And while I get that, there’s a big part Who don’t I understand that.” Jared went on to say that people notice that he and Ashley don’t “run away” from being on the show when they see the drink names that pay homage to some of the show’s most famous quotes such as “The Rose Ceremony”, “Take a Moment, Say Your Goodbyes”, ” A Voyage to Paradise” and “Here for the wrong reasons”. According to Audrey’s Coffee House & Lounge menu, customers can order these specialty coffee drinks in hot or iced varieties. “The Rose Ceremony” is a raspberry white chocolate latte served with hot chocolate and whipped cream. “Take A Moment, Say Your Goodbyes” is a white chocolate Snickerdoodle latte with cinnamon caramel, whipped cream, and white chocolate. “A Trip to Paradise” consists of banana hazelnut iced coffee with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and toasted coconut. “Here for the wrong reasons” is a Nutella amaretto latte with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Jared explained that there was no reason for him and Ashley to hide the fact that they were on the show, saying: “Why would we run away from the show? I met my wife through the show, it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. We love this show, and we know that without the show, there’s no no Audrey. So we knew very early on about it, we wanted to integrate the Bachelor in many aspects of our establishment.” Jared revealed that his favorite drinks are “The most dramatic mocha ever!” which is an almond-coconut glazed mocha topped with whipped cream, coconut, and chocolate fudge, and “Take a moment, say your goodbyes.” He also said that these are two of the most popular coffee drinks.

Jared and Ashley’s cafe, Audrey’s, is an adorable establishment where fans of the Bachelor franchise revel in references to their favorite shows. Jared and Ashley met and eventually fell in love because of Bachelor in paradise. They will continue to honor their past with the show by serving up “The Most Dramatic Mocha Ever!” at Audrey for years to come.

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Source: single nation, Audrey’s Coffee House & Lounge Menu

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