I’m a super Dollar Tree fan – the worst foods to buy even though they only cost $1.25 and what you should buy instead

DOLLAR Tree fans know the store is full of great deals, but some items might not be so good according to a shopper.

Sarah, TikTok star and Dollar Tree enthusiast, who posts under the username @sensationalfindsindicates that there are better alternatives available for some popular items.


TikToker @sensationalfinds reveals part 3 of foods to avoid at Dollar TreeCredit: TikTok/@sensationalfinds
Fruit spreads are a sure pass when looking for food savings at Dollar Tree


Fruit spreads are a sure pass when looking for food savings at Dollar TreeCredit: TikTok/@sensationalfinds


First on Sarah’s list of products to avoid is imitation vanilla extract.

She notes that the extract does not contain vanilla

She says, “There’s no vanilla in it. There’s water, sugar and coloring.”

Instead, she suggests opting for Bakersfield Pure Vanilla Extract for the real deal. “It’s small but mighty,” Sarah notes.

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Another product Sarah says you should avoid are fruit spreads like Pampa Strawberry Spread, as she says they are loaded with sugar.

She says, “The first ingredient is sugar, 20g added sugar, 25g carbs. That’s a no.”

Instead, she suggests opting for a different spread like peanut butter.

She says Dollar Tree’s peanut butter is good, but might not be the best deal.

She says, “You get 10 oz for $1.25, whereas at Target you get 16 oz for $1.49.”

However, you’ll probably only find Target and Dollar Tree brands as cheap, as name brands like JIF cost a lot more.


Sarah tells fans to avoid grated toppings like Risparmio grated topping and others like it because they don’t contain real parmesan cheese.

She said, “If it doesn’t say parmesan cheese [in the ingredient list] then it’s not parmesan and we don’t need to buy it.”

Instead, she suggests looking for more authentic products on the Dollar Tree, a shelf like Coloma Parmesan Cheese.

If you flip the product, the ingredients include parmesan cheese with it.


Dollar Tree soy sauce is also something to avoid, says Sarah.

Indeed, the first ingredient listed on the package is what it contains the most.

She explains: “The first ingredient is water, it’s basically diluted soy sauce.

“You can find much cheaper versions at the grocery store.”


Last on the list of foods to avoid buying from Dollar Tree is their branded little bags of cereal.

Whether it’s Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch or others, they’re not enough for the price, according to Sarah.

She says, “Even though they are branded, they are absolutely not worth it.”

Instead, she suggests shoppers opt for Sunkist breakfast cookies because they have tons of flavor options and are generally healthy.

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The rule of thumb here seems to be to research the deal, but also to make sure the quality is there.

If not, compare your options to other similar products on the shelves near Dollar Tree or at another store.

There's not really any parmesan in this grated topping


There’s not really any parmesan in this grated toppingCredit: TikTok/@sensationalfinds
Avoid Dollar Tree's tiny branded cereal bags


Avoid Dollar Tree’s tiny branded cereal bagsCredit: TikTok/@sensationalfinds

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