I’m A Starbucks Employee – The 9 Drinks We Won’t Make For You No Matter How Much You Ask

There is a firm belief that the customer is always right, but that is not necessarily the case for everything.

Several Starbucks employees have revealed to Spoon University which drinks they won’t make, no matter how badly a customer wants one.


Apparently there are Starbucks orders that are prohibited
One of these drinks is a secret concoction that would have and was once served at only one Starbucks location.


One of these drinks is a secret concoction that would have and was once served at only one Starbucks location.Credit: instagram/tosirius313


Hot coffee travelers are a lifesaver in workplace meetings, study groups, and any other scenario involving lots of coffee-loving people.

According to the Starbucks website, a traveler holds 96 fluid ounces of coffee — but that’s all there is.

According to Spoon University writer Elizabeth Vana, hot chocolate fans are out of luck because the material the Travelers are made of doesn’t react well with the milk in hot chocolate.

So if you want a nice cup of hot chocolate, better order one separately.

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A singular Starbucks in California reportedly entered a spooky season and created an It-inspired frappucino in 2017 when the first It movie remake was released.

According to Vana, the special drink consisted of “a vanilla bean with strawberry puree and a vanilla bean scone mixed together.”

The It frappuccino didn’t seem like a brand-wide promotion, and that may be because it violated one of Starbucks’ rules: employees can’t mix food into drinks.

Vana added: “I was told by a barista that technically they could mix pastries from their case, but it could mess up their equipment and most stores would refuse.”


While it might be obvious to some people, not everyone knows that Starbucks is not able to mix things in their drinks that aren’t from their store because it’s a violation of code. of health.

So if you’re looking to add your favorite cookie to your coffee shake, your safest bet is to try creating the concoction at home.


According to Food.comCafecito is a popular Cuban coffee that involves infusing coffee grounds and sugar together.

Apparently infusing sugar is dangerous for Starbucks equipment and also slows down baristas, so you’ll likely be turned down if you ask for this specialty coffee.

Vana added that if you want a little something extra in your drink, Starbucks baristas are allowed to steam nutmeg, cinnamon and matcha.


Asking for extra hot drinks is a huge no-no at Starbucks.

“Starbucks’ machines heat their water to a boil automatically, and there’s no way for baristas to make the water hotter than it already is,” Vana wrote.

“Also, consumer safety laws regulated the temperature of the water, so you probably couldn’t heat it any more even if they could adjust it.”

It’s no secret that Starbucks has secret items people can order, but sometimes silent drinks are even unknown to Starbucks employees.

In fact, an unnamed barista reportedly told Vana that they were asked to make a “Captain Crunch Frappuccino” and he had no idea what it was.

Therefore, your best bet for getting the drink you actually want is knowing the exact recipe to pass on to the workers.

As Vana said, Starbucks baristas memorize the company-approved written menu, but they’re not required to know the secret items.


Vana claimed that Starbucks macchiatos are “essentially lattes with whipped cream and flavorings”.

And according to RoastyCoffee.commacchiatos are a drink of Italian origin said to be an espresso “slightly moderated or attenuated by a touch of milk”.

So macchiatos with all the extra toppings are not real macchiatos.

To get one at Starbucks, Vana said you have to specifically request an “espresso macchiato.”

Starbucks really fooled Americans!


According to Starbucks, a cappuccino consists of “dark, rich espresso” under “a smooth, stretched layer of thick milk froth.”

Therefore, a cappuccino without foam does not exist.

This will be the rule in all cafes, not just Starbucks.

If you want to order a mix of espresso and steamed milk without foam, ask for a latte instead.


According to Vana, some Starbucks locations sell cups that hold 30 ounces of the drink, called trenta.

However, there are rules about what you can get from large drink containers.

For example, you can add an espresso to a cafe in the trenta, but you can’t order an espresso-based concoction like a latte.

It looks like the main beverages you can request in the 30oz mugs are coffee, iced coffee, or iced tea.

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Then you can add additional flavorings – or espresso – as needed.

If you’re craving coffee now, a former Starbucks employee has revealed her trick to getting more bang for your buck at the joint.

Starbucks policy restricts workers from making certain drinks


Starbucks policy restricts workers from making certain drinksCredit: Reuters

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