Here are 5 video game foods you can recreate

Cake ingredients: • 110g of softened butter • 110g of caster sugar • 2 large free-range eggs • 110g of self-rising flour • 2 tablespoons of milk • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract Decoration Ingredients: ~ buttercream ~ • 150g of softened butter • 300g of icing sugar • A few drops of red and green food coloring • Red, green, yellow, white and black fondant icing • Edible eyes Cooking instructions: • Preheat your oven to 190 degrees and line a cupcake tray of 9 cases. • In a large bowl, add the powdered sugar and butter to your cake and mix until well combined and creamy. • Then add your eggs, vanilla extract and milk. Mix everything until everything is well combined. • Finally, sift your flour and add it slowly to the mixture to prevent lumps from forming. • Divide the dough evenly among your cupcake boxes and put them in the oven for 15 minutes. When you’re ready, carefully use a knife to check if your cupcakes are done by sliding it down the center of one of them. If the knife comes out wet, cook them for another 5 minutes. Once baked, put your cupcakes in the fridge to cool. • While your cupcakes are cooling, make your buttercream by mixing the butter and icing sugar. The longer you mix them, the smoother the cream will be, so you can mix until you are satisfied. Then add a food coloring of your choice. • For the decorations, roll out your colored fondant. Using the image above for reference, carefully cut out the shapes you need, then top your cupcakes to complete your mushrooms. They won’t make you the size of a dinner party, but they taste fantastic!

Do you remember food from video games that made your stomach growl? Is there a player in your family who deserves special treatment? A classic form of entertainment, video games are extremely popular. If you like to gamble, you’re in luck. Ebuyer recreated some of the game’s most famous foods with chef Ashley Morton.

From Kenny’s salmon in Final Fantasy to taco casserole in The Sims, here are some of the recipes! My boyfriend loves video games and I think these cupcakes are just adorable! I might just try to do them. Check out these five video game recipes that you can easily recreate below.

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