Friends with Benefits: Jami Jones at the Venetian and the Palazzo

While Jami Jones may not be dancing on stage anymore, the Northern Virginia native hasn’t strayed too far from the spotlight. Jones is director of front operations for the bawdy, talent-filled variety show Atomic Lounge Show at the Venetian and the Palazzo.

Jones had a long career in entertainment and hospitality before joining the show in 2019. In her home country, she pursued dance, particularly Middle Eastern belly dancing, which eventually led professional and competitive ballroom dancing. While training in New York, Jones auditioned for a show in Las Vegas, landing the role in The dream at Wynn and moved to town in 2006. After three years there, she decided to take a break and enrolled in TISHO: The International School of Hospitality and pursued a career off stage.

“Las Vegas is just unparalleled, especially for someone who loves entertainment, hospitality and the arts – you really can’t get to that level in any other city,” she says.

After developing his skills through roles in special event management, hospitality and production, and even working as a festival manager for the Las Vegas Film Festival, Jones joined Atomic Lounge. Guests can see her running around the theater, helping and greeting guests, tending to VIPs, organizing special events, ensuring bars are fully operational, and overseeing indoor operations from opening to closing. spectacle. “We’re a really rowdy, fun, rowdy show,” Jones says.

But does he sometimes miss dancing and performing on stage? “Sometimes I still play a few times a year, just gigs and fun events alongside dancing,” she says. “But part of the performance that I feel like I’m still living is that experience in front of the house. I love the connection I can still have with my guests.

Libation: Where there is smoke

One of the advantages of attending a performance of Atomic Lounge Show is that guests can hang out before the show at the theater’s multiple bars. The bartenders concoct delicious and creative specialty cocktails that can also be ordered and enjoyed throughout the show. “A guest favorite is Where There’s Smoke,” says Jones. “It’s super refreshing; not too sweet. It’s a real crowd favourite. The cocktail is a mix of tequila, chipotle, peach, cinnamon and lime. Or try Jones’ favorite Holy Water, a sweeter take on classic Manhattan.

Benefit from: When booking your tickets, be sure to ask about the secret disco hall. It’s really awesome !

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