Dry January: Nine of the best non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks

Cutting out alcohol doesn’t have to be boring, says Sam Wylie-Harris.

Whether you plan to abstain from alcohol altogether or just cut down on your alcohol intake, with so many sophisticated alcohol-free or low-alcohol dishes available now, there really is no excuse not to give Dry January your best shot.

From alcohol-free sparkle to zero spirits and a few ultra-low alcohol bottles, some might say that staying sober (or sober) has never been so crisp …

1. Oddbird Blanc de Blancs Non-alcoholic sparkling wine, France, £ 9.99, Amazon

When you want the sparkling to keep flowing but don’t want to party, this semi-dry sparkle could be your golden ticket to a good times drink. Made from Chardonnay with aromas of apple, delicate notes of lemon and lime and traces of honey, it is fresh and fruity with a creamy texture and a hint of vanilla.

2. Tesco low alcohol sparkling white wine, Spain, £ 2.75, Tesco

A real godsend, fizz fanatics will also be seduced by this tangy white made from sauvignon blanc. Fresh and fiery, with ripe citrus flavors topped with refreshing acidity, there is a welcome sweetness but with a crisp, fruity character and drinkable now. Very pleasant.

3. Hacienda De Luna Moscatel Rosado 2020, Valencia DO, Spain, £ 5.29 (5% abv) Laithwaites

A sunny Spanish gem, this semi-sparkling, semi-sweet rose is fresh, fruity, and a lot of fun. Teasing nose, with floral notes first, then a hint of ripe summer berries, which glide gracefully over the mouth leading to a refreshing finish. Can be topped with soda for a no-fuss rose spray to lower the abv even more. Frankly delicious.

4. The Doctors’ Pinot Noir 2020, Marlborough, New Zealand, £ 14.50 (9.5% abv), Gerrard Seel

This perky Pinot deserves a place on your wine rack, especially if you plan on drinking deeper later. Silky and flavorful with earthy aromas and characteristic notes of raspberry, cherry and red fruit with crisp acidity, it is light and can be enjoyed slightly chilled.

5. Non-alcoholic spirits 0% Tanqueray, 16 £ for 70cl, Tesco

Juniper forward with an aromatic nose and citrus complexity, there is a familiar grapefruit zest and ample liveliness to Tanqueray’s alcohol-free brew, although carrying its zero alcohol influence on its sleeve. With plants similar to her watered Big Daddy, serve with your favorite tonic, garnish, and enjoy that uplifting spirit without the bang.

6. Non-alcoholic botanical spirits Pentire, Seaward, £ 26.80 for 70cl, Pentire

Taking inspiration from the Cornish coast, the distinct flavors of sea rosemary, woodruff, sea buckthorn, seaweed and pink grapefruit create a tangy, slightly bitter and tangy (in a good way!) Appetizer that is full of vigor with waves of energizing freshness. Just garnish with tonic and garnish with a grapefruit wedge.

7. New London Light Non Alcoholic Spirit, Midnight Sun, Wild Nordic Coastal Berries, Pine and Kelp, £ 27.50 for 70cl, Salcombe Gin

One of three variations (there’s also Aegean Sky and First Light), we chose Midnight Sun for its alluring flavors of sea berry and elderberry with hints of pine. Beautifully scented, with aromas of tropical flowers and hints of nectar, there are hints of citrus, spice, earth and tangy complexity to this girly pink drink. Exotic and mouthwatering, garnish with tonic and garnish with a raspberry and a sprig of mint.

8. High Point Ruby alcohol-free aperitif, £ 19.99 for 70cl, High Point

One to remember for its gorgeous ruby ​​red hue and herbal aromas, this fermented appetizer is infused with local plants from the surrounding Cornish countryside, and there is certainly a depth of flavor in this captivating bittersweet drink, with lots of it. spicy and spicy notes that persist in the mouth. Mix one part Ruby with four parts tonic and garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit, for a healthy alternative to an enriched appetizer.

9. CROSSIP Winter Limited Edition Rich Berry Non-alcoholic spirits, £ 22 for 50cl, Crossip Drinks

Warmer mocktails in winter, mulled wine, mulled toddy without wine? A fanfare of juicy black cherries, blackberries and raspberries macerated in cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, with underlying bitter notes of wormwood – this truly is your go-to for cutting-edge serving , to raise the palate and bring joy to January. Can also be topped with soda or tonic and served over ice for a quick pick-me-up with a berry-rich punch. Rightly delicious.

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