Benefits of burning incense


Incense consists of sticks made with aromatic plant resins. It is mixed with essential oils. Finally, when burnt, these stems give off a balsamic smoke, which has spiritual properties.

Frankincense has transcended for thousands of years, as records of its use date back to ancient times. Indeed, the sacred texts, which are the basis of various religions, mention its frequent use. Today, it is still used in situations which concern religion; for example, to facilitate meditation and create a bond between body and soul.

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Main benefits of incense

Frankincense is used by millions of people from different cultures. He is from Middle East and is quite common in homes in this geographic region. Incense is believed to bring harmony in the house and among the people who inhabit it. In addition, it eliminates bad energies and promotes a positive economic flow.

Burning incense benefits people for different reasons; it has both mystical qualities and others validated by science.

Each type of incense influences people in different ways, depending on its aroma. Each of them benefits various aspects of people’s lives; their feelings, their interpersonal relationships, among others. For this reason, it is used as a purifier and healer.

Here are the main benefits of incense:

It relieves anxiety and depression

Boswellia incense is ideal for relieving anxiety and depression. Biologists have confirmed this property of the resin during combustion. It is one of the properties approved by modern science.

Lavender also acts as an antidepressant. It is generally used as a relaxant. Create serenity in the house when the atmosphere becomes tense. It has doping properties. Hence, it helps to take sleep. Therefore, Lavender and Boswellia Frankincense is highly recommended for anxiety relief.

It balances the emotions

Burning incense at home helps balance emotions. It is common that in men it does not cause this effect so easily. For this reason, cinnamon incense is recommended for them because they tend to have stronger emotions and moods. Patchouli is said to be the favorite of the 1960s; In addition to balancing the emotions, it energizes and uplifts the mind.

Frankincense has been shown to increase serotonin in the brain. It is not necessary to use drugs or drugs. It has no side effects. The incense recommended for the release of serotonin is rose. Serotonin is a substance that regulates mood. In addition, it helps you eat, sleep, and in addition, reduce headaches.

It attracts luck

Cultures and people who use the burning of incense as a spiritual activity. They do it for various beliefs. One popular is that vapors bring good luck and luck. Luck can take many forms, a bountiful economy, strong health, lasting relationships, stable jobs, and sentimental well-being.

Myrrh attracts tranquility. Known to be a universal protector, it is also used to attract good vibrations and maintain a peaceful environment. For this reason, myrrh is used to enhance religious rituals.

It reduces bacteria in the air

A recent study shows that burning myrrh frankincense reduces airborne bacteria by up to 68%. Research suggests that myrrh can directly kill bacteria. The same way our immune system does.

It is believed (as it is not yet proven) that myrrh can cure Lyme infections. These are bacteria that can be carried by the blacklegged tick.

It stimulates cognition

The fumes resulting from combustion appear to positively affect the faculties that form human cognition. Improvements in our perception and sensory activity are reported. It creates an improvement in people’s memory and emotional state.

Among the types of incense that exist, sage stands out for having these effects on its consumers. These studies carried out in 2016 show promising results. Burning sage is beneficial in treating dementia and conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. However, more studies are still needed.

It reduces arthritis

Frankincense can be inhaled from the vapors, it can also be infused into tea, or it can be consumed as a supplement. It is widely recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties.

For this reason, it can help reduce the inflammation caused in the joints. These inflammations can occur as a result of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These diseases affect mobility because the joints become inflamed. Likewise, its anti-inflammatory property helps in the proper functioning of the intestine and that of our digestive tract.

However, some studies still disagree. Therefore, there is a need to present more evidence, studies and research on this.

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