Any Bagel But Hold the Bagel: Try These 8 Vegan Foods If You’re a Fan of Everything

If a food is universally loved, there are bound to be lively discussions around it. Pizza, for example, is a hotly contested item, as are bagels. Most agree that pizza and bagels are delicious, but when it comes to the thickness of their pizza crust or how toasty their bagels are, things get controversial. Along with differences of opinion surrounding bagels (Do New Yorkers really make the best bagels? Does cinnamon sugar belong in a bagel shop?), there is controversy surrounding the mixture of seeds and seasoning that has become the whole bagel phenomenon. In 2008, dissension erupted around the invention of this emblematic variety of bagel. David Gussin, then a teenage worker at a bagel shop in Queens, claimed he accidentally made up “everything” around 1980 by sweeping up leftover seeds and saving them for later use as a bagel topping. Seth Godin, owner of a bagel shop in Buffalo, NY, brushed off Gussin’s story, saying he’s been making everything bagels since 1977 (and besides, the leftover seeds from making bagels are literally burned, then !). No matter who owns the rights to this seasoning mix, it’s taken off and people are putting it in everything from cream cheese to ice cream. Has our love for everything gone too far or is this the next nutritional yeast? We’re not the type to call it. If you can’t get enough of that crunchy onion concoction, here are eight vegan foods packed with all the essentials.

What is bagel seasoning?

Considering all the bagel mixes and coatings possible these days, the all seasoning mix is ​​far from inclusive. The mix is ​​very garlic and onion with a subtle hint of nutty sesame flavor and a bit of crunch from the inclusion of poppy seeds. The classic mix can easily be made at home and consists of equal parts poppy seeds, dried minced garlic and dried minced onion flakes. three parts sesame seeds (preferably a mix of black and white seeds) and one part flaky sea salt. here is a Love and Lemons recipe it is very simple.

Store-bought or homemade with all the seasoning on hand, you can elevate any type of savory dish (yes, Jeni puts it in ice cream, but sprinkle at your own risk). Try it on baked potatoes, roasted or steamed vegetables, buttered pasta, popcorn, avocado toast, vinaigrette, potato salad, corn, hummus, guacamole, veggie burgers. If you like everything, you will find far.

8 vegan foods with all the seasoning

Trader Joe’s

1 Any seasoning

Trader Joe’s popularized the new concept of bottling all bagel seasoning, but this grocer isn’t the only brand doing it. Today, most spice companies have their own version of TJ’s Everything But Bagel seasoning, and it can be used on just about anything. From tofu to toast to roasted vegetables, this brilliant spice blend gives you the gift of flavor in just a few quick shakes.
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VegNews.SriMucheeseSri Mu

2 All SriMu cheese

The SriMu brand does not sell vegan cheese. He sells luxury… in the form of vegan cheese. Each round is meticulously crafted and aged, then wrapped in waxed paper and inserted into a padded black and gold keepsake box. SriMu is a cheese to give away, or a cheese to indulge, but if you fall into one of those two categories and you have a lover of everything in your life, this is the gift to get.
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VegNews.Kitehillkite hill

3 Kite Hill All Cream Cheese

True fans of everything don’t stop at bagels — they also want their cream cheese infused with poppy seeds, garlic, and onion. For some people, there is not too much of everything. Beyond seasoned bagels, this schmear is great on toast, sliced ​​tomatoes and crackers. It takes tiny cucumber sandwiches to a whole new level.
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4 Rhythm Everything Bagel Broccoli Bites

Even those who hate vegetables will be addicted to these crunchy garlic and onion broccoli bites. Each stalk is crispy to perfection and coated with a little sunflower oil (for sticking purposes) and a generous dollop of seasoning. Sure, this snack might not be as healthy as steamed broccoli, but with four grams of protein and five grams of fiber, it’s a step in the right direction.
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VegNews.SkinnyPopMiniCakeslean pop

5 SkinnyPop Mini Cakes

This is not a rice cake. SkinnyPop has turned their popcorn into a crunchy snack and seasoned it with all the seasoning, a far cry from the sad rice cakes of 90s diet culture. The ingredients are minimal and the nutrition isn’t bad for you. something so deliciously nibbleable. Just be warned if you take them to the office or on a plane – your colleagues or fellow travelers will hear you munch with delight.
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Vegnews.bobbysuesby BobbySue

6 Everything Goes Crazy by BobbySue

Whenever you’re hiking, backpacking, camping, or just at work, this seasoned blend of almonds, cashews, and pecans will satisfy those hunger pangs with a burst of flavor and good amount of healthy fats, fiber and protein. These also work well on vegan cheese and charcuterie boards. Bonus: A portion of all BobbySue sales are donated to animal welfare organizations. Nibble.
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seven Pressel “All” Thin Crispy Pretzel Chips

There’s a lot going on in these baked fries – and it’s not just the seasoning. The seasoning container is a cross between a salty hard pretzel and a bagel chip. Beyond basic snacks, these chips make great crostini – spread with a soft vegan cheese and topped with a slice of cucumber for a quick party appetizer that tastes like an appetizer. work done by professionals.
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VegNews.DavesKillerDave’s killer bread

8 Dave’s Killer Everything Breakfast Bread

You can only eat a limited number of bagels. They’re great and all, but nutritionally they don’t make much of an improvement. If you’ve hit your bagel quota but still crave that carby, everything tastes good, check out this sliced ​​bread option. It’s definitely more interesting than your standard white sandwich loaf.
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