Amazon adds more than 100 foods and beverages to its line of private label products

Amazon launches new Aplenty house brand items. / Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon added more than 100 new products to its lineup of house brands this week, timed for the holiday season.

New Aplenty-branded items from Amazon, ranging from granola clusters to cheese crisps and more, will be available for sale online and in Amazon Fresh stores over the coming weeks.

Considered “favorites with a festive twist”, Aplenty’s new items include Honey Crisp Apple Cider, Cinnamon Pancake Mix, Pumpkin Spice Granola and Pumpkin Spice Popcorn and with caramel.

Later this month, Amazon will add Sparkling Citrus Punch, Peppermint Chocolate Granola, Double Chocolate Truffle Hot Chocolate, and Peppermint White Chocolate Popcorn to its list of Aplenty, the retailer said.

Amazon launched Aplenty last year and has expanded the line to hundreds of different products, “from everyday staples to special indulgences,” the company said. Top sellers include Sea Salt Pita Chips, Frozen Tangerine Chicken and Frozen Butter Chicken with Saffron Basmati Rice, Amazon said.

Amid soaring food prices, private label items have become an increasingly important offering for food retailers. And they are expected to continue to take a larger share of shoppers’ grocery spending in years to come, according to data released last month by IMF-The Food Industry Association.

Retailers in the IMF survey said they would like to increase private label penetration in their stores from 18.2% to 22.6% over the next few years, and 83% of respondents said they planned to moderately or significantly increase their investments in private labels. .

Kroger showcased its ability to increase its private label offerings through its proposed $24.6 billion merger with Albertsons. In September, Kroger announced a 10.2% increase in private label sales for the quarter. If the deal is approved, the combined Kroger-Albertsons will sell more than 34,000 private label products across a wide range of categories.

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