Adefolake Ayotunde-Salami: Why You Should Eat Spicy Foods This Holiday Season

Imagine scouring social media and reading, “People who eat spicy foods almost every day have a 14% chance of living longer than those who eat it for less than a week, according to researchers at Harvard School of Public Health.

Why You Should Eat Spicy Foods This Holiday Season

I know my Yoruba siblings are already excited about the idea of ​​more pepper linked to extended shelf life. I especially don’t eat pepper as such, however, I don’t mind pepper in some dishes like ofada sauce. But regular pepper stew is a no for me because the spiciness irritates my intestines.

Spicy food is’ Nutrition any food marinated in and / or containing hot peppers, horseradish mustard, curry or other spices that evoke a desired intraoral sensation that crosses pain with pleasure, for example , sweating, arrhythmias ”. Here are some examples of other spices: ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, cumin, etc.

The benefits of spicy foods are:

  • Search by TH Chan Harvard School of Public Health and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences shows that fresh and dried hot peppers, as well as other spices have anti-inflammatory, anticancer, anti-obesity and antioxidant Properties. They identified that those who ate spicy foods once or twice a week had a reduced risk of death.
  • Another study have shown that men and women who consume spicy foods have a reduced risk of ischemic heart disease as well as diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Consumption of spicy foods speeds up the metabolism. In 2012, Gregersen et al conducted research on mustard, horseradish, black pepper, and ginger to identify if it reduces energy intake and expenditure. In conclusion, they realized that mustard produced thermogenic effects (means tending to produce heat, and the term is commonly applied to drugs that increase heat by metabolic stimulation)
  • Reduces Appetite: For foodies this season, eating spicy foods would reduce your food intake, which in turn helps with weight loss and has other health benefits. Ludy and Mattes (2011) have shown, through their research, that the effects of red pepper with long-term spicy food intake reduced the desire to consume fatty, salty and sugary foods.

During this festive season, as you enjoy meals with loved ones, remember the benefits of spicy foods.

Seasonal compliments.

photo by Greta Hoffmann from Pexels

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