6 foods to cook in a waffle maker besides waffles

Is there anything better than a waffle fresh off the griddle, with mini pools of melted butter and melting maple syrup in each pocket? There could be. If you’ve never tried making anything other than traditional Belgian waffles in your waffle maker, you’re in for a treat! International Waffle Day is approaching next month – March 25, to be exact – and we are ready. Not just for delicious waffles, but for the many other dishes you can make with a waffle maker.

Can other foods be cooked in a waffle maker?

In a word, yes. The real question is “how creative are you willing to be?” If you want to start small, try breads and pastries. For example, donuts and puff pastry are great things to put in a waffle maker, simply because they have a good amount of fat in the batter, which helps them stay crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. inside. This combination of textures is one of the main reasons people love using waffle makers to cook so many different things. Another is that cooking time is greatly reduced when using a waffle maker because the item is pressed between two very hot high temperature surfaces.

Alternative ‘waffle’ recipes

If you want to be a little more adventurous, you can use a waffle maker to cook the following:

  • Sweet potato fritters. Simply boil a sweet potato, mash it with an egg and the spices of your choice, place it in the waffle iron and voila!
  • baked apples. Core an apple, slice it into about a quarter inch slices, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar if desired, grease your waffle maker with butter or cooking spray and place a slice on each section of the waffle maker . Bake for a minute and you have a healthy dessert or snack.
  • acorn squash. The maple syrup in this recipe will seep into pockets like it does with a traditional waffle, but it will be quite healthy for you.
  • Mashed potatoes or hash browns. These work especially well in a mini waffle maker, as they become bite-sized, similar to waffle fries, but without the added fat.
  • quesadillas. Top tortillas with cheese and sprinkle with a little oil before baking. Then top with sour cream, salsa and guac.
  • Scrambled eggs. Waffle makers are especially useful for making egg sandwiches, because with your scrambles all in one piece, you don’t have to worry about egg pieces falling off the side.

What is the best waffle maker to buy?

When shopping for a waffle iron, consider your counter space and your budget. You’ll want something small for an apartment with a small kitchen, like this super cute and super affordable yellow from Holstein Housewares (Buy on Amazon, $15). If you’re feeding an army and have plenty of surface area to spare, consider a double waffle maker that can produce eight waffles at a time, like this one industrial size (Buy on Amazon, $200).

Whether mini or powerful, a waffle maker is a wise investment, especially considering the many different dishes you can make with just one!

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