5 North Indian Comfort Foods We Can’t Live Without

There are times when we don’t crave anything lavish or exotic, all we want to do is eat a soulful, wholesome meal that uplifts our spirits. At the time of such cravings, comfort food is just the thing! We want to enjoy a simple dish that does not require many dishes to prepare. Comfort food varies from person to person, some may like a spicy meal while others prefer something more chewy. But one thing we all agree on is that some dishes scream comfort! That’s why we’ve selected recipes for some of North India’s most popular comfort foods that we can’t live without.

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5 Most Popular North Indian Comfort Food Recipes


The unique rice and lentil dish is one of the oldest desi specialties we have come across. You can make it soupy or thick and porridge-like. Add vegetables or keep it simple. Prepare it with a mixture of dals or just a lentil of your choice. A plate of khichdi is sure to impress.

Click here for the full Khichdi recipe.

2. Rajma Chawal

The ultimate comfort food of all time, this dish that every North Indian can agree on is delicious. A plate of piping hot rajma chawal is the perfect meal for almost any occasion. This simple meal doesn’t require a lot of prep either.

Click here for Rajma Chawal’s full recipe.


3. Kadhi Chawal

Humble kadhi could definitely be one of the few dishes we would eat without complaining, don’t you think? Easy to prepare, delicious and tangy, classic kadhi pakoda and rice are one of those comforting soul foods that we can enjoy anytime.

Click here for the full Kadhi Chawal recipe.


4.Chole Bhature

Tangy and spicy chole served with crispy and chewy bhature is the perfect indulgence for North Indian foodies. This Punjabi dish is a complete meal on one plate. With a multitude of spices such as bay leaf, cinnamon, cumin seeds, cloves, whole peppercorns, green and black cardamom, cooked with chickpeas, the tasty chole ties the meal.

Click here for the full Chole Bhature recipe.


Fried, greasy and full of masalas, that’s how we like our pakodas. In popular culture, pakodas are a monsoon staple, but we think there’s no season to enjoy these decadent treats. This snack is the go-to comfort food for many Indians around the world.

Click here for the full Pakoda recipe.

Try these delicious North Indian comfort foods and let us know which is your favourite!

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