34 Keto Starbucks Drinks That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

Starbucks makes a iced lean mocha drink, but the standard version made with espresso, milk, and lean mocha sauce has 18 grams of carbs for a large. Sure, it’s low in fat, which makes it suitable for some diets, but that’s kind of the opposite of what you want if you’re on a keto diet. There are several ways to modify the drink to retain flavor while reducing carbs and increasing fat content.

To start, you can order a large iced lean mocha that usually comes with four pumps of syrup and ask the barista to use one or two pumps. You will definitely want to substitute low-fat cow’s milk for heavy cream or a non-dairy alternative. You will still get the flavor but only a fraction of the carbs. Skinny Mocha Sauce is made with sucralose instead of sugar, an artificial sweetener that is controversial for many people on the keto diet, according to mental food chain.

Another option recommended by The Macro Barista is to order a large frozen Americano with mocha sauce, sugar-free vanilla sauce and a touch of cream. It has 8 grams of carbs, you might still want to reduce the number of sauce pumps. You’ll still get some mocha flavor, except you’ll get a higher volume of black coffee compared to the regular drink.

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