27 Raw American Foods, According to Non-Americans

“Hand on my heart, I wouldn’t eat this again even if it was free.”

If you were born and raised in the United States, you can probably understand that some of our standard rates, whether it’s meals, snacks or beverages, may be less appealing to foreigners. So I combed through the BuzzFeed community and Reddit for this list of iconic “American” foods that non-Americans just can’t keep up with. Fair warning: things could get heated here. 🔥

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“That awful orange, plasticized American cheese. I lived in North America for a year and missed good British cheddar so much!”


“Hershey’s chocolate. I seriously thought it was rotten when I tried one. Hand in heart, I wouldn’t eat another one even if it was free. How this company makes a profit, I will never understand.”

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“Pineapple on a pizza. It shouldn’t be a topping that people can order. It’s downright bad.”


“As a Canadian, I’m disgusted with American sodas. You can smell the corn syrup in every sip. All my American friends drink Mexican Coke or that ‘retro’ soft drink that has sugar instead of corn syrup .”


“That fake cheese that comes in a tube or even worse, spray cheese. Makes me gag just thinking about it.”


“For me, it’s not so much a particular food, but more of the portion size. I’m Australian and I was brought up to eat everything on my plate. I brought that mentality to the United States and I gained 5kg in over a month.. Portions are obscene.I could barely finish a meal there without feeling bad from overeating.


“American taco night – you know, hard shell tacos, cheese ‘sauce’, ground beef with ‘taco seasoning’, heaps of sour cream, and then instead of using real salsa, just flavorless diced tomatoes. It’s a sad, sad take on real Mexican tacos.”


“Root beer. It tastes like the mouthwash they use at the dentist. I can’t understand how anyone likes to drink that!”


“Twinkies. Oh my…I’ve never tasted anything more disgusting than a Twinkie. It’s like a botched cake with moisturizer inside. I think eating one might actually make me sick.”


“Sweet cinnamon rolls. I think it’s quite disturbing that Americans put this weird frosting type thing on cinnamon rolls. I’m from Sweden and we have a similar bun called kanelbullar, but here we just put egg wash and pearl sugar on top before baking.”


“Deep dish pizza. This creation is not pizza. It’s a disrespect to Italian culture, especially Neapolitans. Deep-dish completely ruins what pizza is supposed to be.”


“American fast food. Honestly, the quality of fast food in the United States is absolutely horrible compared to the same chains in Canada. I’m talking about standard fast food like Burger King, McDonald’s, etc…”


“American bread. I lived in the United States for six months. At one point, shortly after moving, I bought a loaf of bread and made a sandwich. To my surprise, the bread was so sweet. I told my roommates that I accidentally bought a dessert of the bread, but no – just plain bread in America.”


“Instant ramen – those packaged dried noodles are awful compared to the art of ramen cooking. In Japan, ramen is all about balancing flavors, senses and ingredients. It’s a form of ‘art while instant ramen is just disgusting.


“Anything cherry flavored. Have you tasted cherries?


“Casseans made with ‘cream of’ anything. I’m looking at you, green bean stew, tuna stew and mushroom stew. I’ve tried these Campbells soups and the idea of ​​using them as an ingredient in a Meal makes me shiver. There is so much sodium.


“Mountain Dew. I first tasted this soda a few months ago because we don’t have it in my home country of Sweden. I just couldn’t believe how much of a sweet taste. It was like someone melted some sugar and put it in a box.”


“The ranch dressing. It’s so irresistible. Why don’t Americans actually want to taste the salad instead of just the dressing?”


“Pumpkin Spice all when fall arrives. I agree with pumpkin pie. I learned to love it. But pumpkin-flavored things I will never accept include pumpkin spice coffee, ice cream, pancakes, donuts, smoothies, and more.”


“Street hot dogs in New York. I was so looking forward to eating one on my trip. But when I finally got one, it was tiny and it actually dissolved in my mouth after a chew. Also the bread tasted very sweet. Overall it was a huge disappointment.”


“Sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top. This vegetable is supposed to be tasty. Just WHY?”


“Cincinnati chili. Please, please keep your spaghetti off my chili.”


“Fluff, that yucky marshmallow spread. You Americans find ways to add extra sugar to everything. Even toast.”


“Flavored hummus. In America, hummus has become this low-carb, vegan health food that people can dip vegetables in. But that’s not how hummus is supposed to be. Hence I come on, it’s a glorious, greasy dish made in heaven with a ton of tahini and olive oil, and it’s topped with beef, an egg or cooked beans, accompanied by falafel and a endless amount of pita bread.


“Circus peanuts. They’re so weird. Why did someone decide to shape these weird treats like peanuts when in reality they taste like spoiled bananas?”


“White Castle burgers. I ate one bite and that was enough for me. It was fatty meat that killed my taste buds and left a quick aftertaste. Yet Americans eat so many burgers that they even made a movie out of it.”


“Tarts. They taste like flavored cardboard. They’re awful. They’re criminally dry with little flavor and an awful fake fruit filling.”

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