20 hot drinks to warm you up this winter

Hot drinks can include anything from dreamy lattes and mulled wine to fruity tea and sweet cider.

And thanks to this overview, you will be happy and warm all winter long!

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Homemade hot chocolate with white marshmallows

Nothing beats a steaming cup of coffee or tea when the weather turns cold.

That said, there are so many delicious winter drink recipes – from herbal teas to hot boozy toddies.

I’m a sucker for a vanilla or caramel latte. But I wouldn’t say no to a glass of spiced apple cider either.

Luckily, these hot beverages are sure to find a place regardless of your preferences.

Let’s dive!

20 hot drink recipes, from hot chocolate to chai tea

Chai is fragrant, flavorful and fantastic. When you prepare it at home, you can modify it more according to your tastes.

This recipe is deliciously spicy. It’s also heavy on cardamom, cinnamon and cloves.

They give it a rich, full-bodied flavor that will delight your taste buds with every sip.

Keep in mind that this recipe makes about four cups of tea. So for a single serving you will have to adjust the ratio of ingredients.

Fun fact: chai literally means tea. So when we say “chai tea” we actually mean “tea tea!”

This thick and creamy hot chocolate is every kid’s dream come true. (Who am I kidding? This is also my dream come true!)

It’s wonderfully sweet and decadent and uses just five ingredients.

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Top it off with mini marshmallows, chocolate shavings or whatever your heart desires! No matter what you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Looking for a gorgeous golden drink perfect for fall? Hot apple cider is exactly what you need.

This recipe is also the real deal. It’s not just warmed apple cider you bought at the store.

Instead, it’s 100% homemade apple cider that you’ll be making from scratch.

Start with unsweetened apple juice. (Freshly boiled apple juice is best, but store-bought juice is also acceptable.)

Add the maple syrup for sweetness, then mix in the spices.

It’s a spicy and healthy treat your whole family will enjoy. They’ll want you to do it all fall.

Mulled wine is so delicious and has an air of sophistication that makes it ideal for the holiday season.

It only takes 20 minutes to prepare this pleasant and spicy drink. Plus, you’ll love all the alcoholic fruit at the bottom of the glass.

Remember, no matter how sweet and fruity it is, it’s still wine. This means that you will have to keep the little ones away.

Hot Buttered Rum is a creamy, buttery cocktail that’s impossible not to love.

It’s sweet, cinnamon and wonderfully alcoholic. And since it takes brown sugar, you’ll find hints of caramel in every cup.

Top it off with whipped cream for pure decadence and enjoy! It’s one of the tastiest ways to warm up this winter.

This seven-ingredient beverage has a warm, robust coffee flavor. That said, there is enough chocolate and brown sugar to sweeten it up.

Still, you’ll have to be a coffee lover to really enjoy it.

The heavy cream and milk give it a thick, creamy consistency. You can add a dash of cinnamon on top if you like.

Either way, it’s an indulgent pick-up you’ll love.

This caramel latte recipe uses just three ingredients, plus whipped cream.

Plus, it’s incredibly simple to do, requiring no more than 5-7 minutes.

Best of all, it tastes just like the Starbucks drink of the same name. It’s pretty much the perfect copier and a great money saver too!

Serve this baby with a thick slice of banana bread and you’ll be in coffee heaven.

coffee with milk can look gloriously sophisticated. But if you speak French, you will know that it simply means “coffee with milk”.

And if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, then I don’t know what will.

You can make this three-ingredient drink in less than 10 minutes. It’s a tasty and classic way to warm up on a cold day.

Homemade mocha packs a healthy dose of chocolate and coffee flavor. And it only takes 3 minutes to make!

What’s better than that?!

You will love its good taste and how easy it is to do. Even if you’ve never made coffee before, you won’t have any problems with this one.

You will need hot coffee, water, cocoa powder, sugar and milk. You can also add heavy cream for a thicker drink and whipped cream topping if desired.

Simple or decadent, you’re sure to love it either way.

Mint hot chocolate is THE ideal Christmas drink.

It’s thick, rich and creamy with lots of delicious chocolate. And the peppermint flavor underneath makes it even better.

The luscious whipped cream topping isn’t even necessary. However, it’s a decadent bonus you won’t want to ignore.

This spicy and fragrant drink tastes like it came straight from India. It is rich, nuanced and has many amazing flavors.

There’s cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, star anise and more.

It’s sweet, thick and so good it’s hard to sip. Instead, you’ll want to drink it much faster than you should.

Try to take your time and enjoy it. After all, with only 103 calories per serving, a second cup isn’t out of the question.

No list of hot drinks is complete without the famous PSL.

The drink is so famous that you don’t even have to spell it! Those three letters are all you need to make a girl in flannel swoon.

This Starbucks imitator is a fall favorite in homes across the United States. Fortunately, with this recipe you can save money.

Make it at home from seven simple ingredients, and I guarantee you won’t even be able to tell the difference.

This fun green drink is the matcha latte of your dreams.

It only requires three simple ingredients, although you may want to add some extra sweetener.

It’s a nutritious, vegan drink you’re sure to enjoy.

Plus, something about matcha lattes seems so virtuous. I still feel like a mighty eco-warrior after drinking it.

Is it just me?

What do you think of when you imagine lemonade? A cool, slightly acidic and refreshing summer drink?

Typically, that is precisely what lemonade is.

In this case, it’s hot, spicy, sweet and lemony. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something soothing to coat your throat.

It’s also sugar and alcohol free, so it’s a nutritious choice for the whole family.

Irish coffee is the best alcoholic pick-me-up you’ll ever try. It’s incredibly simple to make and only requires four ingredients.

Grab your favorite coffee, brown sugar, Irish whiskey and heavy cream. That’s all you’ll need to get it all ready.

It’s a strong, slightly bitter drink that will have you dancing a jig in no time.

Feel free to add more brown sugar if you prefer a sweeter taste. Or, go ahead and use bourbon – I won’t tell the Irish if you don’t!

Apple cider is a spectacular cold weather drink.

But have you ever tried cherry Cider? It’s a simple mix of apple cider, cherry gelatin, and cinnamon.

He is so awesome!

It has the rich heat of apples and cinnamon. However, there is also the bursting sourness of the cherries.

It’s an unbeatable combination that everybody should try at least once.

Also, there is no alcohol in this version. That means you can share it with everyone!

If you ever have tummy issues, add this recipe to your favorites.

Ginger tea is soothing, slightly spicy and delicious. It warms your stomach but calms it like ginger ale.

It also has many health benefits.

Any doctor will tell you how good ginger is for your body. Fortunately, this fresh ginger tea makes it very easy to enjoy these benefits.

This amazing drink is a spicy latte with a beautiful golden color.

It pretty much tastes like any cinnamon latte you’ve ever had. But this stunning hue makes it so much more appetizing – and Insta-worthy!

Serve them whenever you want to be a little more festive or elegant. They are sure to delight anyone who receives a cup.

This hot, tummy-soothing drink is a spicy, spicy masterpiece. It’s energizing, invigorating and will get your metabolism going like no other.

The purpose of this recipe is to detox, and that’s what it will do for you.

I can’t say this is the most delicious drink on the list. But when it comes to jump-starting a full-body cleanse, you can’t beat it.

Green tea latte is a light and pleasant drink perfect for lazy days.

It is slightly sweet and spicy with the rich flavors of cinnamon and ginger. It’s also a great option when plain old tea seems boring.

I love sipping it while reading a good book. It also pairs well with plain, crumbly cookies.

Try it the next time you need a brunch everyone will love.

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