20 Chinese Foods You Must Try At Least Once

There are many steamed dumplings in Chinese cuisine, each more delicious than the next. Xiao long bao, however, The cultural journey reports, has been regarded by the Shanghai government as a protected national treasure since 2006. Xiao long bao was invented by a certain restaurateur Huang Mingxian who, baffled by the number of steamed buns in Shanghai in the 19th century and their popularity, launched to make it one that would stand out from all the others. So he made a pork-based broth, jellied it using gelatin, stuffed the solidified stock cubes into delicate buns, and steamed them. The result was a small bao that burst into hot soup when stung, which is supposed to be sucked in quickly and best eaten hot from the steaming basket.

Because the slightest incision can result in soup spilling all over your plate or leaving you with burning liquid in your mouth, eating xiao long bao requires you to use special tactics. First, gently transfer the bread to a spoon, then carefully take a small bite out of the top of the dumpling (via Thrillist). Let the steam from the liquid soup inside cool down, swallow all the soup, then put what’s left of the dumpling in your mouth.

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