13 foods that should be banned from the Thanksgiving dinner table, according to Lifehacker readers


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When a commentator, Soft work, wrote: “I love canned cranberry sauce. Better than home made 100% of the time, ”we thought he was stirring the Kinja pot, looking for a midday fight. But when jbrown2112 backed it up by saying, “I even love ridges, tell me where to cut”, our eyes blinked overtime trying to adjust to this alternate reality. Like the ridges– these prefabricated delimiters of the machine from which this creation came, and lived in for months? Then people expressed their loathing for this approximation of the actual cranberry sauce, and it all made sense again.

“At least stir it first. Something about the shape of the tube with ridges looks like obscene. Please don’t serve it that way! ~AngryBob-VA

“I call it ‘canned shit’. Homemade or come home. ~QADude

As Dr Emilio Lizardo pointed out, “Homemade cranberry sauce … takes as much effort to prepare as it does to open a can, and it tastes a thousand times better. I mean, throw three things in a pot and simmer for a few minutes. If you can make instant ramen, you can make cranberry sauce.

DancePolarBear added that they “only use it on leftover sandwiches … as a jelly, if that makes sense.” Yes it makes sense Dancing polar bear, because that’s exactly what it is: jelly. Strange jelly, flat and soulless.

But the user diasdiem would not be silenced: “Any Anti-Cannie can take your grandma’s organic homemade cranberry sauce made with love and a secret blend of spices and stuff it up your ass.” CRESTS FOREVER !!! ”

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