12 Best Drinks to Mix with Jägermeister, Ranked

Children of the 1970s may remember Laverne DiFazio’s love of milk and Pepsi on the “Laverne & Shirley” sitcom (although any cola would do; the point was always meant to be…wait, milk?!). Turns out milk and cola aren’t half bad, according to Reddit. In fact, it tastes a bit like a Coke float, but not quite as sweet. But if you’re feeling a little skeptical about the prospect of mixing plain dairy with Jägermeister, we understand. It is natural, after all. The taste of milk is quite limited – there are subtle hints of sweet and sour, but the drink is generally bland.

The Jägermeister, on the other hand, tastes boldly, no, boldly bitter, sweet and sour. Milk coldly coats the throat and stomach, while Jägermeister feels like he could burn his own hole. Milk is what children eat with cookies. Jägermeister is so beyond this stage of life. But how are these good reasons to give up what turns out to be a logical, sweet and surprisingly comforting combination?

That being said, we wouldn’t dream of suggesting you venture into the realm of milk and Jäger without first trying it out like what the tipsy bartender calls the Jahlua Bomb, which is basically chocolate milk and Jäger (1 ounce of Jäger to 4 ounces of milk flavored with a dollop of drinking chocolate).

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