11 best soft drinks to try in 2022

Something beautiful happens in the human brain when a person walks into a store with the intention of buying a special little drink, as a treat. I’m no doctor, but I can feel the serotonin and dopamine receptors in my brain having the time of their neurological life when I see a well-designed logo and an intriguing flavor profile, and decide it’s going to home with me. It’s a little thrill that I can make happen almost anywhere, anytime – and you better believe I do it all the time.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to try as many emerging drink options as possible, so I consider myself a seasoned authority on what’s actually worth your money in the ever-expanding world of delicious little drinks. Plus, in a world where so much socializing revolves around drinking, it’s good to know that complex and intriguing libations that don’t induce hangovers are readily available. From fruity seltzers and caffeinated lemonades to adaptogenic elixirs and more, check out the best non-alcoholic beverages to try below.

I come from several generations of tea lovers and am happy to report that Minna absolutely delivers. Combining the best elements of sparkling water and brewed tea, Minna has added a sophisticated twist to the beverage canon. I love the light, crunchy flavors – the Lime Hibiscus Rooibos is a must if you enjoy a burst of pie – and the minimal caffeine with no added sugar means there’s no jittery crash.

If you’ve ever wished you could melt cherry-flavored candy to swallow, you’ve found your new favorite drink. The sweetness of Poppi’s Cherry Limeade lends itself to nostalgic taste buds, except this time it’s been updated for adult palates with purported prebiotic benefits for gut health and just five grams of sugar. It’s light enough to feel refreshing, and the cherry-lime combination is bold enough to tackle any sweet tooth.

Big Lemonade’s PR team has its lucky stars to thank that Chamberlain Coffee and Swoon showed up to revitalize the drink. The bright citrus of Swoon Lemonade brings out the earthy character of Chamberlain Coffee’s Grade A matcha, and the combination is as revitalizing as it gets. Plus, each can contains 70mg of caffeine to keep you focused without freaking out.

The adaptogenic beverage industrial complex is just beginning, and Kin is leading the charge. The Bella Hadid-endorsed company (she’s considered a co-founder) promises big wins like “inner peace,” but doubters can rest assured of the most important thing: it’s really good. My favorite of Kin’s offerings is the floral and smoky Lightwave, which is infused with Reishi mushrooms, L-theanine, and L-tryptophan with hints of lavender-vanilla, smoky sea salt, and passionflower.

Drinking Ghia tastes like pure luxury. As the closest option to a real cocktail on this menu, the Ghia Apéritif is earthy and sensual. I achieve this when I receive sober friends; think of it as Campari-lite. I strongly suggest pairing it with Ghia’s Lime & Salt Le Spirtz and pour it into the finest piece of glassware you own for full effect.

So you don’t drink alcohol but you still want to feel a little something something? It’s time for a Cann. I just can’t shut up about this drink, the ultimate elixir for reformed party girls and chillers. With 2 MG of THC and 4 MG of CBD per serving, Cann delivers the happy medium of relaxation and giddiness – without ever melting into the couch or waking up with a brutal hangover. The best part? Every flavor is full-bodied and delicious.

In a perfect world, every overpriced gas station, grocery store, and deli in America would be stocked with Sanzo. Simply put, it’s a perfect seltzer: bright and smooth, fruity and fragrant. Using popular and traditional Asian fruits, Sanzo offers flavors typically overlooked in the seltzer water market, filling a cultural and taste blind spot. Personally, I like the range; the lychee flavor is floral but never cloying, and the yuzu and calamansi flavors are fridge staples for their tangy citrus notes.

Lavazza has officially entered the ready-to-drink cold brew market, and in real The good life fashion, each of its four flavors pays homage to a different region of Italy, from Capri to Tuscany, and beyond. I used to only use canned coffees in true sleep deprivation emergencies, but Lavazza’s offerings are robust, smooth, and rich in flavor.

With ultra-small coffee bean drops, Blue Bottle’s Exceedingly Rare Coffee Collection is essentially the ultimate in coffee. The latest edition, Colombia Mauricio Shattah Wush Wush, is one of the most striking coffees I have ever tasted; it is incredibly delicate and floral thanks to a touch of rose water, with a sweet aftertaste composed of notes of blackberry jam and pink lemonade. Make it a pour, forgo the cream and thank me later.

CBD sparkling water was supposed to arrive, and Day One managed to make it taste great. Each can contains 20mg of CBD, which would relax you, although I didn’t experience much from a can other than the relief of hydration. The real draw is the tangy grapefruit flavor and refined carbonation.

As a freak for all things fermented, I knew I was going to be obsessed with De La Calle’s Tepache before I even tried it. The classic Mexican drink – traditionally made with fermented pineapple peel, piloncillo and cinnamon – can now be enjoyed whether or not you have an abuelita with its own historical recipe. De La Calle’s flavors are masterfully balanced between tart, sweet and spicy notes, like Mango Chili, Tamarind Citrus, Cactus Prickly Pear and Chamoy; all bold, unique and destined to be your new beverage obsession.

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