10 delicious dishes to try on Granville Island


Hot iced donuts and hot white coffee for breakfast, smoked salmon and Parmesan and herb focaccia for lunch, and juicy Okanagan cherries for an afternoon snack, all of it with the deep blue waters of False Creek as a backdrop. Whatever your dining and sightseeing dreams are, Vancouver’s delightful Granville Island scene has you covered.

With its location right across from downtown Vancouver, Granville Island has several distinct advantages. The great views of the bay and the bridge come to mind, as does the salty sea air. Indeed, the scenic peninsula of British Columbia’s largest city would be worth a visit for its natural attributes alone.

But when you add dozens of vendors with some of the best seafood, desserts, and fresh fruit, you’ve got the makings of a real treasure. I love exploring the public markets wherever I go, and I especially love the Granville Island Public Market for its cool vibe that draws both locals and tourists, its non-stop entertainment from local musicians, and its over-the-top selection of tasty food.

Based on my many visits over the years, here are 10 delicious food (and drink) to try on Vancouver’s Granville Island.

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1. Chocolate Donut Frozen Cake – Lee’s Donuts

The line of patrons stretching to the door will be your first clue that Lee’s Donuts is an iconic Granville Island destination. Then, as you approach the counter, the rows of iced, sugar-dusted circles of goodness will answer any doubts you might have about the place that has been offering handmade donuts since 1979.

Whether you are a fan of the classic raspberry jam filling, decadent Bavarian chocolate with dark chocolate creme or varieties of vanilla and chocolate iced cakes with colorful sprinkles, the creations of Lee’s Donuts will more than satisfy you. morning craving for something sweet and indulgent.

I couldn’t resist the shiny frosting on the chocolate glazed donut for my breakfast. I highly recommend it, especially with the decor of the Burrard Street Bridge in the background.

2. Caf̩ Plat Blanc РPetit Ami

For a flavorful caffeine to go with your donut, cute little Petit Ami cafe is known for its flat white coffees. Especially when the Vancouver weather turns chilly, the hot drink with two espressos and a layer of velvety micro-foam is a sure-fire way to warm up.

The coffee uses coffees directly from small farmers and then roasts the beans locally, ensuring a fresh flavor.

Granville Island Longline Seafood
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3. Confit salmon – Seafood on a longline

Named after the wooden longline fishing boat that company founder Jim Moorehead used as a commercial fisherman, Longliner Seafoods is an institution at the Granville Island Public Market. A sign reminds customers that the Longliner Seafoods stand has been in the same location since the market opened in 1979.

While you can get virtually any type of longline seafood – from shrimp and halibut to fresh salmon – a visit to Granville Island wouldn’t be complete without a sample of the tasty salmon confit. For me, the sweet / salty / smoked salmon specialty is Granville Island’s signature flavor.

Pro tip: As well as being a great addition to a picnic on Granville Island, salmon can also be packaged for worldwide distribution.

4. Parmesan + Focaccia with herbs – Terra breads

The baker’s branded hand-shaped breads are a hallmark of Terra Breads, a bakery with multiple locations in and around Vancouver. The bustling Granville Island location offers creative bread selections such as figs, anise, and cranberry pistachios, as well as pastries like cinnamon and cardamom cruffins and peach and rosemary pies.

The breads and pastries all looked wonderful, but I found the individual Parmesan and herb focaccias – light and airy, but rich in flavor – made the perfect picnic bread.

A La Mode Clam Chowder
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5. Clam Chowder Pie – Trendy

Pies of every variety imaginable are on display at A La Mode, a longtime public market favorite. From coconut cream and lime to traditional apple, sweet pie lovers are sure to find their favorite dish, sold by the part or by the whole pie.

Or for something a little different, A La Mode also serves an assortment of savory pies and pot pies. For years her favorite dish has been the New England Clam Chowder Pie, packed with baby Japanese clams, smoked bacon, russet potatoes and a creamy homemade broth, all topped with a puff pastry crust. Pot pies are reheated to order and served with a side salad for a complete canned meal.

Tony's Fish & Oyster Cafe Halibut Fish and Chips
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6. Halibut Fish and Chips – Tony’s Fish & Oyster Café

It’s not fancy, but Tony’s Fish & Oyster Café is well known for serving the best fish and chips in Vancouver. With just six tables, Tony’s is “laid back and unpretentious” with a fun atmosphere, according to its website. The small restaurant at the entrance to Granville Island lives up to its reputation.

When I visited a busy lunch hour, the service was friendly and quick, and my fish and chips was served in a paper-lined basket, with crispy fried halibut, lightly seasoned coleslaw, thick fries and paper cups of ketchup and tartar sauce. And, as advertised, the fish was flaky and flavorful, and one of the best I’ve tasted on my trip.

Pro tip: Although I opted for the traditional fish and chips, I had some doubts about my choice when I noticed several other customers were dining on Tony’s seafood platter of clams, mussels, shrimp and scallops. in garlic butter, served with breaded oysters and fried cod. . Definitely something to try on my next visit to Tony’s!

Fresh sweet cherries at the Granville Island market
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7. Local Sweet Cherries – Sunlight Farms

From tomatoes to raspberries to blueberries, everything is stellar at the Sunlight Farms booth. But the local sweet cherries may be the stars of the market. Stacked in their paper baskets, the dark red cherries are hard to resist, and I always end up buying a pound or two when I visit Granville Island. They make a great dessert or a quick afternoon snack.

The farm’s website describes itself as a “one-stop-shop for all your produce needs” and the Vancouver tourism website says the market attracts the best local producers from the Fraser Valley to the Okanagan. “No wonder Vancouver chefs are often spotted shopping here for rare, high-quality ingredients for their menus,” the website adds.

Smoked salmon tostada at Alimentaria Mexicana
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8. Tostada with smoked salmon – Alimentaria Mexicana

From the seaside setting of Granville Island, the magnificent Alimentaria Mexicana restaurant delivers on its promise of an “immersive journey to the heart of Mexico – its cuisine, its culture and those who support it”.

Located in a prominent corner right in front of the public market building, Alimentaria Mexicana is sure to catch your eye with its lovely patio covered with flowering plants and colorful mosaic murals. And the kitchen is up to the pretty surroundings.

Homemade tortillas made from ancestral corn from small Mexican farming communities serve as the basis for specialties such as carne asada con queso, a trio of cheese-crusted tacos made from grilled skirt steak, grilled onions, and cheese. ‘lawyer. Or, for a wonderful mix of Canadian and Mexican cuisines, I loved the smoked salmon tostada, a creation that topped a crispy corn tortilla with locally smoked chum salmon, cream of cucumber and pickled red onions.

Granville Island Brewery in Vancouver
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9. Westcoast IPA, Granville Island Brewery

If beer and a bite to eat are the order of the day, Vancouver’s mainstay, Granville Island Brewing, is the place to be. Billed as the first microbrewery in Canada, Granville Island Brewing has been producing local beers since 1984.

Favorites include Westcoast IPA, a blend of fruity, floral and citrus flavors, and English Bay Ale, a beer with caramel malt sweetness and low bitterness. For weekend brunch, pair your beer with the “sammie” breakfast of thick sliced ​​bacon, smoked cheddar and fried egg on a brioche bun. Or try pub food choices like salted sea fries or the locals’ favorite poutine, made with fries, chicken gravy, cheese curds and green onions.

Old-fashioned puff pastry cream from Popina Canteen
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10. Old Fashioned Puffed Cream – Popina Canteen

If you still have room for dessert or are just looking for a sweet treat, Popina Canteen is definitely the place to treat yourself. Playing on the traditional cream puff dessert, Popina presents puff pastry creams – a soft serve ice cream rolled in a variety of fillings and topped with a soft cream puff shell.

Flaky cream flavors range from Violet B which features freeze-dried blueberries with a crunchy corn flakes to Malteser topped with scoops of malted milk coated in crushed chocolate. For a truly decadent treat, try the Old-Fashioned topped with a sea salt caramel sauce and toasted flaked almonds.

Puff pastry aren’t the only goodies available at Popina. The canteen would have been the vision of a team of celebrity chefs who came together to serve Vancouver four things they craved most: the perfect lobster roll, the best fried chicken, an amazing falafel and the best burger in town. .

Professional advice

  • More of a peninsula than an island, Granville Island is accessible by foot in the south or by ferry from downtown Vancouver.
  • While there are many quaint outdoor restaurants at the Public Market, another fun option is to walk for about half an hour to Kitsilano Beach and have a real picnic by the sea.

There are many opportunities for adventure in and around Vancouver. To consider:

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