10 Best Low Calorie Smoothies Under 200 Calories

With as little as 43 calories per serving, these low calorie smoothies are ideal for those hoping to shed a few pounds.

And did I mention they are delicious?

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Refreshing low-calorie apple, grape and pomegranate smoothies

While cutting out sweets and treats is strongly advised when trying to get healthier, it’s not always possible.

After all, dessert is the best part of a meal, right?

Luckily, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and get your fill of nutrients with these delicious, low-calorie smoothies.

They are wonderfully sweet, fruity and simply delicious.

10 healthy and delicious smoothie recipes under 200 calories

Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, an invigorating afternoon snack, or a refreshing dessert, this berry smoothie fits the bill perfectly.

A mixture of frozen mixed berries and almond milk, it will come as no surprise to learn that it is bay-licious.

It’s packed with fiber, antioxidants, calcium and more. So instead of reaching for a chocolate bar or a bag of chips, go for this berry smoothie.

It’s just as delicious and satisfying, but much better for you.

This five-minute, five-ingredient smoothie is a happy blend of banana, orange, Greek yogurt, milk, and honey.

It’s rich and creamy thanks to the banana and milk. In fact, it’s so thick it’s almost like a milkshake (minus the ice cream, of course).

What sets it apart from most smoothies is the addition of orange. This hint of bright citrus complements the banana sweetness surprisingly well.

You will love this recipe This recipe is for you if you like a little acidity and a lot of greediness in your morning drinks.

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As a bonus, this smoothie contains only 122 calories!

Besides the obvious ingredients, this peach and pineapple smoothie has a secret component that makes it a cut above the rest.

But first, let’s talk about its outrageous size and plushness.

The key is to whisk the ingredients together in a large blender or food processor. This will give the mixture enough room to rise.

Now, ready for the secret ingredient? It’s none other than orange zest.

Adding just a dash will enhance the flavors of pineapple and peaches, giving your smoothie an even livelier taste.

When it comes to smoothies, I generally try to avoid those loaded with leafy greens.

I know greens are good for you, but I can’t stand this herbal, veggie taste.

This green smoothie, however, is one of the few exceptions. And just like the previous recipe, this one has a secret ingredient: frozen ripe mango.

This sweet, juicy, golden fruit masks the unpleasant, grassy taste of kale and spinach so well.

So while this smoothie is all green, it doesn’t taste like it.

While avocado is often touted as a tasty ingredient, it’s also a fantastic ingredient for smoothies.

I mean, why not? It’s rich and creamy on its own, so it only makes sense! It even has a slightly nutty flavor that will add personality to your smoothies.

This super fruit is so perfect for making smoothies; the only other things you need here are milk, condensed milk (opt for sugar-free), and ice.

Pro Tip: Want to make your smoothie even sweeter? Throw a frozen banana into the mix.

Fancy a nostalgic drink? Step back in time and take a refreshing sip of this Orange Julius smoothie.

Unlike the original orange juice, which contains ingredients like carboxymethylcellulose (what’s that even?) and 48 grams of sugar, this smoothie is made with all-natural ingredients.

But, despite being a healthier version, it still has the delectable flavor profile of the OG.

All you will need are bananas, oranges, almond milk and ice cubes – with no added sugar!

Besides its gorgeous pink hue, you’ll love this raspberry smoothie for its perfect balance of sweet, creamy, and tangy flavors.

A blend of raspberries, bananas, almond milk, maple syrup, and lime juice, this smoothie is simple yet spectacular.

Although adding lime juice to an already tangy berry smoothie seems a little odd, don’t skip it.

It enhances the flavors of the drink, giving you more deliciousness with every sip.

Pro tip: Use frozen bananas and raspberries to keep your smoothie cold longer, even without ice.

Looking for a delicious post-workout meal? Look no further than this vanilla protein shake.

This easy recipe combines banana, milk and natural protein powder to create a high protein shake/smoothie.

Add a little maple syrup for sweetness if desired, but if your banana is ripe enough this shouldn’t be necessary.

A touch of vanilla will also help bring out the natural sweetness of the banana, so be sure to add that.

Believe it or not, this extremely mouth-watering milkshake contains only 43 calories. This is not a drill, people!

It’s really just a mix of almond milk, cocoa powder, sweetener, and ice cubes, so it’s no surprise that it’s low in calories.

What is shocking, however, is how ridiculously delicious it is.

Usually a chocolate milkshake would call for chocolate ice cream. This one replaces it with almond milk and cocoa powder and still delivers the same rich, decadent flavors.

Although this three-ingredient smoothie may not look as decadent as the others on this list, it is just as delicious, if not more so!

With the goodness of apples, cinnamon and almond milk, this smoothie is bursting with all the warm flavors of fall.

Low calorie smoothies

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